Bangalore – How to infuse Fresh Blood & Soul into this City?

Bangalore, once the garden city, pensioners paradise & one of the most beautiful city in India has lost its image with the rise of IT/BT, population growth, real estate developments, un checked growth of the city & most importantly has lost its soul. Almost 50 kms of radius surrounding the city with Ramnagar on Mysore Road, Nelamangala on Tumkur road, Attibele on Hosur road & Intl airport on Bellary road & other important roads have been filled with commercial buildings, residential areas & industries. Water problem, Electricity, Traffic, corruption & others have become a part of daily life. With lakhs of vehicles plying on road & population expected to touch crores in years, need to infuse a Humanistic touch & soul to the city.

On one side of the coin we have the über rich class sporting Audi, BMW, Jaguar & other cars, city’s skyscrapers dotted with high rise buildings & on the other side mushrooming layouts, slums, garbage collection & others, one is left wondering what is wrong with the city. Whom to be blamed for this mess? The Govt, agencies, public or is it the sum of everything? As the years are passing by, problems are mounting & the Silicon Valley is losing its sheen. Depression, Stress, Anxiety, loneliness, diabetes, Heart ailments & others have become a common thread running in the psyche of the city.

It is hightime the Govt, govt agencies, NGO’s, eminent people & the common man form a foundation to infuse fresh blood & soul to the city. Bring all major agencies like BDA, BWSSB, Bescom & others under one roof for more collaboration & coördination. Go for public & private partnership to boost the infrastructure. Community building exercise is needed to involve people in social activities. Use social media, web & other new technologies to better connect with the city.



2 thoughts on “Bangalore – How to infuse Fresh Blood & Soul into this City?

  1. I completely Agree with your thoughts..Having lived in Bangalore for past 7 years I have seen this City changing at a very rapid pace..though development is good but it should not come at the cost of losing the beauty of the City…
    I believe apart from Govt.,NGO’s we the common people holds more responsibility in Keeping Bangalore Clean and Green.. 🙂


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