#Telangana & the Role of Social Media in its Creation

Social Media has played a big role in student movement, which played a key role in the formation of new state of Telangana. Several facebook communities have been set up which helped bring the people together. Just a facebook status update or twitter update is needed to flare up the communication on the state hood issue. It also helped provide feedback on what is going right & what is wrong. Youtube also proved to be a great platform with videos of the protests & movements getting thousands of views.

Several hashtags related to the new state like #Telangana, #Hyderabad, Seemandhra, Andhra & others have been trending on twitter. Social media was flooded with the information from nation’s capital on the developments in the state. Posts, pics, videos of people’s’ celebration on the success of T-agitators were up on social media platforms. There were sad posts as well over the break up of AP. Several telangana related accounts on Twitter have been updating the info on the developments.


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