Facebook Reveals Government Requests For User Data – US, India, UK, Germany, Italy & others top the list

Since the NSA revelations, many US tech companies have published transparency reports, revealing how often they have been approached by the Govt officials for information. Google, twitter & others have published such reports. Facebook has now joined this bandwagon by publishing the Govt requests for information in the first 6 months of the year. US, India & UK are the top 3 countries for requesting data.

Governments make requests to Facebook and many other companies seeking account information in its official investigations. These usually relate to criminal cases, such as robberies or kidnappings. They may also seek IP address logs or actual account content. This includes both criminal and national security requests.The number of requests from US is between 11K to 12K, India 3,245 & UK at 1,975. Germany, Italy, France & Brazil are some of the other countries in the list.

You will find more statistics at Statista


Audi #onemillionreasons – 3D Microsite Using Fan Messages for Audi R8

Social media has become an important part for any brand in its marketing activities. Audi Germany has launched a user generated Real time 3D microsite using user generated content from Facebook, twitter, Google+ & Instagram to create Audi R8. Razorfish Germany and the creative production company Minivegas are the brains behind this great campaign. When a Audi fan uses the hashtag #onemillionreasons in his tweet, image & text on why they love Audi, it is gathered and becomes a spherical particle in a 3D model of the Audi R8.

Fans also stand chance to win Audi R8 driving experience. One can zoom in the 3D Model Audi R8 in the microsite & will be presented with the corresponding hashtag related information. Both 2D & 3D models are available on the #onemillionreasons microsite. This creative uses real time social data to create the model in the website. #onemillionreasons Facebook app is also available.

audi r8

Internet.org – Facebook, Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Opera, MediaTek and Qualcomm plan to bring Internet access to Everyone

internet.org, a Non Profit initiative by Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung plan to bring internet access to everyone. Two thirds of the world is not yet online & this initiative plans to bring it online. Recently Google launched helium ballons to bring internet access to the world. Internet.org partners will join forces to develop technology that decreases the cost of delivering data to people worldwide, and helps expand internet access in underserved communities. Developers, mobile operators and device manufacturers will work together to introduce business models that give people more ways to go online.

Internet.org is focused on enabling the next 5 billion people to come online. Building better networks, cloud computing, building systems to cache data efficiently, simpler mobile apps & others are some of the ways to reduce the cost of data delivery. Many tech companies, univ research projects & govt agencies are already working on bringing cheaper internet to the Masses. Partners will invest in tools and software to improve data compression capabilities and make data networks and services run more efficiently.


Future of Advertising, Tech, Mobile, Gaming & others : A to Z of Future

Analytics, Wearable computing, crowd funding, driver-less cars, Nano technology & others are some of the technologies which will bring a sea of changes in the way we live, communicate, travel & others. Apple, Google, Amazon & Facebook are some of the great tech companies working on the next generation of technology. Social media, Social business & e-commerce are bringing in new ways companies interact with the customers.

Smartphones have revolutionized the way one communicates & browses on the mobile. Computing power which was available on desktop earlier is now available on mobile devices & apps have made it possible for greater interaction. Social Listening is providing fresh insights to the way consumers interact with brands. Here is a great presentation on everything from A-Z happening in the technology.

Top Smartphone Brands in the U.S. – Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, BlackBerry, Nokia, Huawei & others

Apple remains the top Smartphone brand in the US. This is followed by Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, BlackBerry, Nokia, Huawei & others. Samsung has recently introduced Galaxy S4. Several brands are coming up with new android based smartphones in the coming months.

You will find more statistics at Statista