Audi #onemillionreasons – 3D Microsite Using Fan Messages for Audi R8

Social media has become an important part for any brand in its marketing activities. Audi Germany has launched a user generated Real time 3D microsite using user generated content from Facebook, twitter, Google+ & Instagram to create Audi R8. Razorfish Germany and the creative production company Minivegas are the brains behind this great campaign. When a Audi fan uses the hashtag #onemillionreasons in his tweet, image & text on why they love Audi, it is gathered and becomes a spherical particle in a 3D model of the Audi R8.

Fans also stand chance to win Audi R8 driving experience. One can zoom in the 3D Model Audi R8 in the microsite & will be presented with the corresponding hashtag related information. Both 2D & 3D models are available on the #onemillionreasons microsite. This creative uses real time social data to create the model in the website. #onemillionreasons Facebook app is also available.

audi r8


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