60 million women in India online – Google’s Women and Web Study

Google has released a study titled “Women and Web Study” which helps understand internet usage patterns & purchase decision making of women internet users in India. The study took into account the search query data for top women oriented search categories in India. online research was done by TNS Australia. Some of the findings of the study are

1) 60 Million Women are online in India
2) Accessing Internet through Home computer, office, Smartphones, tablets & Cyber Cafes
3) Online Women are more affluent & younger
4) 75% are in the 15-34 age group, with over 24 million women accessing the Internet daily.
5) Search Categories on Google in India are: apparel & Accessories is the biggest search category followed by food & drink, baby care, hair care & skin care.
6) Internet research influenced their decision-making process. Internet influence was the highest for skin care at 72%, baby care at 69% and hair care at 65%.
7) Email, search and social networking are the biggest drivers for women.
8) Women account for 40% of the total monthly YouTube user base in India.


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