India Mobile Landscape 2013 – Report on Mobile Growth of India

Research firm Juxt has released the India Mobile Landscape 2013 study. India has become a top market for mobile phones in the world. With millions of mobile subscribers & rapidly increasing mobile internet, India provides a great opportunity for marketers. This study helps understand mobile users & mobile usage in India. According to the study,

1) India has 554.8 million mobile users and 143.2 million unique Internet users.
2) Mobile Penetration in Urban India is 70% & rural India is 36%.
3) 23.8 million users use Internet on their mobile devices
4) 7.1 million (or 77%) of these users who access Internet exclusively through mobile data connections are in rural areas.
5) 143.2 Million Internet users in India
6) There are 773.9 million live SIMs in India. Juxt defines a live SIM as any SIM which has validity irrespective of whether it is being used actively or not.
7) Students(33%) & housewives (22%) account for bulk of (55%) total mobile users.
8) 64% of mobile users are male.
9) 95% of all active connections are prepaid.


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