Most Trusted Brands in India – Samsung, Sony, Tata, LG, Nokia & others in the list

Samsung has become the most trusted brand in India as per the study by Brand Trust Report. Trust Research Advisory has created the Brand Trust Report which lists Samsung, Sony, Tata, LG, Nokia in the top 5 spots for the most trusted brand. Nokia which was in the 1st position in 2013 has moved to 5th place. TATA, Hero, Reliance & M&M are the top Indian brands in the list.

The current year’s report is a result of more than 15,000 hours of fieldwork. Consumer electronics, BFSI, FMCG, Automobile & others are some of the different industries in the brand list.It was conducted across 16 Indian cities between July and November 2013 which has resulted in more than 20000 Unique brands.

 Most Trusted Brands in India

Most Trusted Brands in India

#RahulSpeakstoArnab – Social Media Reactions & its impact on 2014 General Elections

Rahul Gandhi’s interview on Times Now channel by Arnab Goswami created a lot of furore on social media. #RahulSpeakstoArnab, #RahulGandhi & many other tweets related to the interview was trending on Twitter. Facebook, twitter, Youtube & other social media platforms provided a great avenue for discussion related to the interview. Millions of tweets & impressions on #RahulSpeakstoArnab made the hashtag trend in the top spot.

This also made Times Now channel to be the first on twitter with millions of mentions. Social Media will play an important role in the next 2014 general elections. Social Media will play a key role in More than 100′s of Lok Sabha constituencies. Political parties have also taken to social media to woo the voters. Many are hiring PR agencies to actively build their social profile. Below is a slideshow on Top Tweets on #RahulSpeakstoArnab.

“Nokia Lumia—Your Wish is My App” Campaign – India’s only App reality show

Nokia has announced the 2nd season of its ‘Nokia Lumia—Your Wish is My App’ reality TV show. The 1st season saw more than 38,000 brilliant app ideas from across the country. Thousands of them have been made into great apps. If you have a great app idea, share it with Nokia. It will also be featured on NDTV & a chance to win 1 million rupees. This is India’s only app reality show. Besides sharing on Facebook, you can also SMS the idea. Shortlisted apps will be showcased in a 9-episode reality TV show on NDTV.

Nokia Lumia—Your Wish is My App

Nokia Lumia—Your Wish is My App

50 Random Tips on How to use Twitter for Business

Amazing 50 tips on how to use Twitter for Business Purposes. Some of them include Don’t just follow people. Retweet & favourite their tweets. Don’t just sell, share value and build relationships. Check hashtags if they are trending before tweeting & don’t overuse hashtags. Wherever possible include pics & videos. This presentation is taken from Slideshare by Ksenia Dobreva, Social & Marketing Executive at WebMeUp.

Best Digital Campaigns of 2013 – Volvo Epic Split, Telekinetic Coffee shop surprise & others

Some of the Best digital campaigns of 2013 are Volvo Epic Split, Telekinetic Coffee shop surprise, Almost Identical of Argentina, Giving of Thailand & others. You should create a content which captures the emotions of the audience. It should be interesting & should make people to watch again & again. Build an emotional roller coaster.

Youtube’s Super Bowl Ad Blitz – A hub for 2014′s Super Bowl commercials

Youtube has launched Ad Blitz Gallery to capitalize on the Super Bowl Ads for 2014. You can Watch, vote and share your favorite 2014 Super Bowl commercials. 2013 SUper Bowl ads have been watched millions of times. Super Bowl ads create a lot of online frenzy & is a great avenue for marketers to reach the customers. The page has teasers from advertisers, fox sport videos & toss & Catch.

2014 Super Bowl commercials

2014 Super Bowl commercials

Audi, GM, Google, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA’s Open Automotive Alliance – To Bring Android platform to Cars

Open Automotive Alliance is a global alliance of tech & auto Industry leaders. This alliance will bring Android platform to cars in 2014. OAA is planning to make technology in the car safer, seamless & useful to everyone. Mobile technology which was in a very nascent stage a few years ago has grown rapidly. A common platform like Android will make innovation faster, bring cutting-edge technology to the drivers & a great experience for drivers/passengers.

Audi, GM, Google, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA have formed the OAA. Mobile technology has reshaped the way we communicate. Similar to Apps, mobile browsing & other mobile tech, innovation in car technology will make driving safer. Connected Car experience will help provide drivers/passengers a great experience.

Open Automotive Alliance

Open Automotive Alliance

Top Viral Video of 2014 – Devil Baby Attack

An animatronic “devil baby” in a remote controlled stroller goes on a rampage through the streets of New York City (NYC). A hidden camera records people’s reactions. Viral videos create visibility for the movies. This is a great viral video of 2014. Movie details at

Moto G in India – A Highly Anticipated Phone of 2014 in India

Moto G, a highly anticipated phone of 2014 in India, will be released in India during the last week of Jan 2014. Moto G has created a great amount of interest in India ever since it was released. IN the US. it is availble for $179 & $199 unlocked versions. The phone will be priced competitively. This phone has been hailed as the best Android phone in the $200 range.

It has a 4.5″ HD display with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU. Available in 8GB & 16GB versions with a quad core speed. This phone has become the latest craze in the Grey market. 720p HD video (front and rear) and 5 MP at 4:3 and 3.8 MP at 16:9 (user-configurable) with LED flash.