Nandan Nilekani and the Role of Social Media

Nandan Nilekani has been using social Media very effectively to connect with the public. The profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn are all verified showing that they are the official channels & thus increase the confidence of the users. Images are used effectively on twitter & facebook & this helps in more share/amplification/engagement. Facebook has 277K likes & 59.1 K followers on twitter. The official website is also very well designed showing Facebook/twitter feeds.

One can also signup by email to receive updates/newsletter.Social Media profiles are highlighted in the top of the website home page which increases engagement. YouTube has 516 subscribers & thousands of views for the website.

As the Android OS phones are more in number, a Mobile app can also be released to provide updates & push notification. One or two Image based networks like Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram can also be used as images increase the sharing & also provides for more conversation. Using an official hashtag would also help increase the visibility.

nandan nilekani for bangalore

nandan nilekani for bangalore


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