TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo Conditioner & What makes it Unique?

With the shampoo market in India growing strongly & brands flooding the market, marketers should use innovative ways to capture the market & connect with the users. In this regard, Unilever has introduced a new shampoo & conditioner in Indian market, called TRESemmé. TRESemmé started out in salons as a professional haircare range used exclusively by top hairdressers. A product once used by top hairdressers globally is now available to everyone is a great proposition for Unilever to uniquely position the product.

Had applied for a sample on Indiblogger & after having received the sample, used it several times. Have been using shampoo for many years & TRESemmé provided a great experience. Shampoo with conditioner offered salon quality hair at a normal price. Every Individual’s hair is unique & irrespective of this, TRESemmé offers the salon feeling. TRESemmé Split Remedy helps rescue split ends upto 96% after just 3 washes. The conditioner provided a smooth hair & keeps the hair longer for a long time. To fight the split ends & protecting from further damage, TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo & conditioner is a great combination.

TRESemmé has a great social media presence on facebook, twitter & youtube. On Facebook it has 8.2 M likes with wonderful share, engagement & amplification of the posts across social media. As TRESemmé is a hair related product, it would help the brand if Unilever uses for Instagram & Pinterest for social media. Users can upload their pic of hairs before & after the use. Also with Instagram’s filter abilities, the profile would look cool. On twitter, need to increase the fan base & also conversation.




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