Flipkart to Launch Flipkart First

Flipkart first is an annual subscription service which will be launched by Flipkart shortly. This allows shoppers to get exclusive benefits & have access to priority service. There are many benefits of this service & will allow shoppers to have


1) Priority customer service
2) 60 day replacement
3) Discounted same day delivery
4) free shipping on orders & many other benefits

Flipkart First is an yearly subscription service & the charge is not yet announced by Flipkart. With the intense competition in Indian ecommerce space, companies are innovating on the service front to get customers. With the entry of Amazon, competition has increased & customers are benefiting a lot from this. Flipkart is giving away 75000 free 3 month subscriptions & can be availed at the website. T&C associated with the program is also mentioned on the website.

Flipkart First

Flipkart First


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