India Mobile Trends 2014 – Launches, OS, Price, Screen Size & others

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India Mobile Trends 2014 – Launches, OS, Price, Screen Size & others

Pricebag has a detailed analysis on the mobile phones launched in India in 2014 & some of the trends associated with 2014 launch are

1) 25% of phones have a screen size of 5 inch exactly & 35% of phones have atleast 5 inches

2) Micromax has launched maximum phones so far in 2014 with 22

3) 36% of all launches are in the price range of 5001 and 9999 Rupees,

4) 9 out of 10 smartphones have front cameras

5) Dual SIM phones are the flavour of the season accounting for 90%

6) Android is the top OS in India accounting for 96%

Price Range

Price Range





How to Use a Blog as the Cornerstone of Your Content Marketing

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How to Use a Blog as the Cornerstone of Your Content Marketing

Content marketing seems to be the buzzword thrown around a lot by businesses today. Everywhere you turn, experts state that you must use content to build your brand.

Well, that is great and all, but how do you actually accomplish this mighty goal with the blog as the cornerstone of your content marketing?

That is where this post comes in. We want to tell you how to implement a content marketing strategy with your blog that can make an impact in your business.

Top to bottom content marketing

Content marketing doesn?t start with content? it needs a plan.

1. Have a strategy

One of the biggest challenges most content marketers have is that they just start creating content.

That does not work. You must understand the value of the content you are creating. Every piece of content should be getting your business closer to your stated goals.

For example, if…

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Dead Island 2- Official E3 Announce Trailer | PS4

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Dead Island 2- Official E3 Announce Trailer | PS4

Dead Island 2 on PlayStation 4 in Spring 2015.

It’s so hot in Brazil that Mexico and the Netherlands took a cooling break

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Themba Hadebe/AP Themba Hadebe/AP

The Netherlands and Mexico had a FIFA mandated cooling break in their round of 16 game, which lasted about five minutes. This is the first World Cup where cooling breaks have been instituted.

Before the World Cup, FIFA said that each venue’s medical office would be monitoring climate conditions on the pitch. If the temperature rose above 32 degrees Celsius, or 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, then cooling breaks would be mandated. The referee can decide when to halt play to take a break.

Mauricio Duenas/EPA Mauricio Duenas/EPA

Conditions in Fortaleza are not exactly ideal for soccer. It felt like 97 degrees at field level, and only half of the pitch was covered in shade. The United States and Portugal also took a water break last week in Manaus.

Naturally, the cooling break caused many fans to wonder what the World Cup will be like in Qatar.

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Important and New Social Media Stats – How to Use it in your Strategy?

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