The U.S. Tech Giants Piling on the Profit – Netflix, FB, Amazon, MS, Apple

Big U.S. tech players that saw a jump in profit in comparison to Q1 last year. Netflix, FB, Amazon, MS, Apple & others. Apple @ posting an increase of 5 percent to take it to a mighty $11 billion for the three months ending April 1, 2017.

Infographic: The U.S. Tech Giants Piling on the Profit | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


LG celebrates 20 years in India – LG commemorates 20th anniversary with a single mother’s tale

As LG celebrates 20 years in India, nostalgia sets in! Like a true companion, being with you in your good and tough times makes the journey, all the more special. #LifeIsGood.
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#IBuildMyUniverse – Women Breaking Gender Stereotypes & Creating Identity |

Aditya Birla Money MyUniverse salutes every woman who’s breaking gender stereotypes & building her own identity. Cheers to the spirit of womanhood!

Johnson & Johnson’s YouTube channel ‘Best For Baby’

Becoming a parent is a life altering experience because it’s when you start living for someone other than yourself. Moments that seemed insignificant take on monumental proportions – your baby’s firsts. Your love becomes unconditional in a way you never imagined. We here want to be a part of what’s best for your baby, from the second they are born. Share your experiences, frustrations, joys, memories – everything that the joyride of motherhood entails.

Airtel’s new campaign | The Smartphone Network

What should a smartphone be able to do? These kids have some ideas. Now get Handset Damage Protection, Anti-virus, High-speed 4G, Music, Movies and much more with Airtel, because jitna smart network, utna smart phone. Know more @