Google’s new look for mobile search results

Google’s new look for mobile search results


Google has given a new visual refresh to the mobile search results page. NOtably

1) The “Ad” indicator and the display URL will be moving above the ad headline with a bolded ad label at the top of the card

2) The publisher names and icons will move above the headline in the organic results as well.

With these new updates, websites branding will be at the front.
The name of the website and its icon appear at the top of the results card & providing a seamless search experience.

Watchout for how these will impact the traffic for both organic & paid results.


Google’s new Discovery Ad Campaigns

Google’s new Discovery Ad Campaigns

New campaign type in Google Ads in which advertisers can upload their assets, content and the ad serving gets handled entirely automatically across Google.

It will show on Google Discover feed, YouTube home feed and the social and promotions tabs in Gmail.

Per Google, 800 million people now use Discover monthly.


Youtube analytics – How to get insights on youtube videos

Youtube analytics – How to get insights on youtube videos

Influencers marketing trends 2019

A good report by Socialbakers on the influencers marketing trends 2019

3 types of social media influencers – Micro, Macro & Celebrity

Top brands mentioned by influencers the most – Daniel Wellington, Walmart & others.

Influencer marketing is projected to become a 10 billion dollar
market by 2020.

More at Socialbakers


Chinese NGO mental health campaign – Knowing Nothing

Chinese NGO mental health campaign challenges how much big data really knows about us