New Removals tool launched in Google search console

New Removals tool launched in Google search console

Google search console has been updated with the new removals tool. This contains 3 sections.

Temporary Removals – You can request temporary removals of specific URLs on sites you have verified. Also Clear cache URL clears the cached page and wipes out the page description snippet in Search results.

Outdated Content – Outdated content section provides information on removal requests made through the public Remove Outdated Content tool. This can be used by anyone & not just by site owners.

Safesearch Filtering – Shows a history of pages that were reported by Google users as adult content using the SafeSearch Suggestion tool. You can also ask for review of the safesearch policy for your URL.



LinkedIn Pages adds new tools to help businesses connect with users to drive engagement & growth

LinkedIn Pages adds new tools to help businesses connect with users to drive engagement & growth

Invite to Follow – Page Admins can now invite first-degree Profile connections to follow their LinkedIn Page. upto 50 invites per day. A good way to grow the pages

Live Streaming – This helps business to have a live streaming of various events, programs & others. 2 way communication with the users

Post as Page or member – Users can post as an individual or as their organization.

These new tools will help business to drive the engagement for their business pages.

How Sony won the CES through its Vision S prototype Car?

Apple, One Plus, Samsung are some of the brands whose product launches are awaited globally with lots of interest, speculations of tech specs, PR & others.

At this year’s CES, Sony surprised everyone with a futuristic prototype car, Vision S. Sony emerged as a PR winner at the CES with the prototype car getting lot of reviews, news articles, social media & PR. Sony’s Vision-S was the genius PR piece by the company.

The car has 33 sensors loaded with many features for safety, speed, entertainment & others. No one would have expected that Sony would debut a prototype at the CES. Also show how tech companies are foraying into Auto technology.

Andorid auto has surpassed 100 million downloads on google play store now. Also amazon’s echo for auto devices is being launched in india now.

Shows how the technology will be a major factor in the cars in coming days as it will become next big frontier for the tech battleground.


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