How Sony won the CES through its Vision S prototype Car?

Apple, One Plus, Samsung are some of the brands whose product launches are awaited globally with lots of interest, speculations of tech specs, PR & others.

At this year’s CES, Sony surprised everyone with a futuristic prototype car, Vision S. Sony emerged as a PR winner at the CES with the prototype car getting lot of reviews, news articles, social media & PR. Sony’s Vision-S was the genius PR piece by the company.

The car has 33 sensors loaded with many features for safety, speed, entertainment & others. No one would have expected that Sony would debut a prototype at the CES. Also show how tech companies are foraying into Auto technology.

Andorid auto has surpassed 100 million downloads on google play store now. Also amazon’s echo for auto devices is being launched in india now.

Shows how the technology will be a major factor in the cars in coming days as it will become next big frontier for the tech battleground.



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