Impact of AI/ML on Digital Marketing – How AI/ML is being used in Digital Marketing to improve Customer Experience?

AI/ML is impacting digital marketing in a no. of ways. Compared to a few years ago, now AI/ML is impacting & driving a paradigm shift in the way these activities are done. Listed below are some of the activities;

1) Chatbots – With Chatbots becoming the 1st line of communication with the users on website/app, AI is infusing a new kin d intelligence, personalization to chat bots. Right from offerings ideas, next steps to take & others, Chatbots have become a goto agents for improving CX. Also ways to build the bots & customize them.

2) Search – Google, Bing & other search engines are making & building AI enabled functionalities to search engines. From BERT, schema, image recognition, semantic search, NLP, making more data available in google search console & others, AI/ML is driving new changes everyday.

3) Content Development – With AI marketers can automatically generate content for simple stories. With longer blog posts, hyper personalized blogs/news articles, dynamic content for e-commerce, AI can help curate the right content with the right targeting.

4) Customize News Feeds – AI enables social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Insta & others to customize users’ news feeds. Basis the users interests, history, their preferences & others variables into consideration, AI can easily customize the news feeds. Which posts a user will like, comment, hide, or mark as spam & other things are taken into consideration.

5) Creating a better CX – AI helps you understand your audience based on collected data, and allows you to create and target personalized, dedicated pages for them. Personalized landing pages with custom field elements help answer users questions. Robots & Bots are used by the companies to improve the CX.

6) Voice Search – With more users using voice search & increasing popularity of voice assistants like Siri, Google Home, Alexa & others – it is becoming important for marketers to optimize their pages for voice long tail keywords. Speakable voice schema searches are important for marking the pages up for voice SEO.

7) A/B testing – To meet the increasing needs of users & for delighting the customers, use of AI based tools for A/B testing, MVT testing & to test several hypothesis at the same time. Which variation of the site / LP helps get more leads/conversions.

8) Programmatic Advt – With Advt shifting to programmatic & increased competition, SSP & DSP are becoming more ML/AI based. Right from deciding on the inventory available, bidding, reporting, optimizing the ads & others, complete process is becoming more automated.

9) Digital Advt – Google, Amazon, Bing MS, Facebook & other advt, platforms are using increased AI/ML based tools to help marketers get more out of their spend. Providing insights & recommendations on bidding, targeting, audience creation & others.

10) E-commerce Recommendation & personalization – Ecommerce firms are using recommender engines to for cross sell/up sell. Based on the users interest, history, previous purchases made – to suggest the products for cross sell/up sell.

11) Web Analytics – Anomoly detection, RCA, contribution analysis & others are some of the areas where AI is being used in tools like Google analytics, adobe analytics & others.

12) AR (Augmented Reality) – Mobile apps with AR help users to try out their products sitting in the comfort of their home. Beauty, furniture, Lenses & others are some of the fields where AR enabled Apps are available which help users to make a decision.

12) Sales – With machine learning, your sales team can now get notifications when a lead moves from cold to warm to hot. Score them based on things like pages visited, social media posts they saw, what emails they opened, etc. To predict the sales funnel.

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