Search Ad revenue hits a record $84.4 billion in 2022 – IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report’ 2022

Digital Audio Had Strongest Growth Rate Of Any Media In 2022, due to growing advertiser interest in podcasting & ad-support streaming music.

Digital audio’s growth rate was larger than that of digital video (19.3%), digital display ads (12%), or search (7.8%)

Internet advertising revenue growth slowed in 2022. Between 2021 and 2022 internet advertising revenues grew 10.8% (YoY) totalling $209.7 billion.

Programmatic advertising continues to grow with revenues to a total of $109.4 billion. Social media revenues saw a slow down in growth.

Advertising budgets in 2023 continue to migrate to retail media networks as they offer advertisers access to first-party data.@


Search Advertising 2022 & the top Countries

The United States remained the prime market for search advertising in 2022.

Spend on sponsored links, keyword ads and Search Engine Advertising was especially high on mobile, with an estimated $67.3 billion spent on advertising rolled out on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Out of the six biggest markets by ad spend, only marketers from the U.S. and China put an increased focus on mobile platforms

 Ad spend in other major economies like Germany and Japan seems minuscule in comparison, with both markets staying below the $10 billion mark in total @