L’Oreal’s New Smart Hairbrush-The World’s First Smart Hairbrush

The Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings was unveiled at CES 2017. Developed in collaboration with L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation Technology Incubator, the brush features Withings’ advanced sensors and seamless product design along with L’Oréal’s patent-pending signal analysis algorithms to score the quality of hair and monitor the effects of different hair care routines.

Night Fall: The World’s First 360° VR Ballet

Night Fall: The World’s First 360° VR Ballet

Lockheed Martin: The VR Mars Experience Bus

The Lockheed Martin Virtual Experience Bus travelled to Mars. With HD screen windows bus for VR experience. Making school children feel like they were traveling around the surface of the Red Planet, Created by the crew at Framestore, McCann and Lockheed Martin.

How to Run a AB test – Using Free Optimizely.com Account

How to Run a AB test – Using Free Optimizely.com Account

Zomato’s Porn-Advertising & How it fares against other ad platforms?

tumblr_inline_nzdwuaMwa11qb373m_500.pngZomato’s advertisement on porn sites.

India ranks #5 in terms of most daily visitors to Pornhub (the world’s biggest porn site network)
Outside of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and e-commerce sites, Xvideos is one of India’s top visited sites
The average time spent on the site by Indians is ~8 minutes (yes, really, just 8 minutes #quickgunmurugan)

We ran these ads on desktop and mobile sites, between 11 pm and 4 am – when late-night delivery restaurants are at their busiest (we have a fair idea what people who order food that late at night have been doing to work up an appetite). These ads appeared on video landing pages, just to the right of the video window:



People in Delhi NCR clicked on these banners the most on desktops, at an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.12% while Bangalore came (*teehee*) a close second with an average CTR of 0.11%. The campaign average CTR so far is at 0.22%.
At a more granular level, the highest number of clicks in Delhi came from around the Hauz Khas area. We can’t say for sure why that happened, but IIT-Delhi is in the area, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
In Bangalore, Koramangala was hands down the naughtiest part of town, while in Mumbai, Powai gets down and dirty the most.
The BBW/Big Beautiful Wraps ad was our best performing desktop ad (no surprises there); the “Hot Sticky Mess” and “Hot Singles” ads also did really well.


Source : Zomato Blog

The Netflix and Chill Button

Food on the way. Mood lighting ready to go. Netflix up on the TV. No emails, no texts, no notifications to mess with your marathon. It’s all in the Netflix switch…but it can be so much more when you make your own! Start with the basic instructions here:

Land Rover: An Instagram Adventure Story

Instagram is fast emerging as a perfect spot for campaigns. Land Rover fans can enjoy two fictional, Instagram adventure stories. The first story is @SolitudeInSawtooth, follows the outdoor journey of a young couple as they explore Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho. 2nd Story is @BrotherhoodOfWonderstone follows two brothers as they embark on an expedition through Kanab, Utah.

Great landscape photos are seamlessly stitched together to form day-into-night scenes. Created by the guys at Y&R NYC. This is a very great Instagram campaign & shows how social media can be used to attract to the new generation