Instagram is rolling out in-app check-out feature for e-commerce brands

Instagram is rolling out in-app check-out feature for e-commerce brands

With a majority of product discovery to sales happening on Amazon, other top tech brands are racing to drive users towards the conversion funnel.

Now instagram has rolled out an in-app checkout for e-commerce brands so users can purchase without leaving the app. Checkout on Instagram button whenever a user clicks on a product tag within an image

Some brands are Prada, Zara, Uniqlo & others.


Google Ads “recommended columns”

with so many KPI’s & columns to choose from in Google ads, sometimes it would become difficult to select the right column.

Google to introduce a new recommended column feature based on your ad campaigns & settings.

Recommended column to be shown by a blue underline in the column names.

Turned on by default for all & you can take a call whether to use it or not.


Amazon, Facebook, Google & other Digital Advt. Platforms – How they Compare?

with Amazon increasing its market share in the digital advt, there is growing competition among Facebook/Google/Amazon.

On Amazon, it will usually be Sponsored ads, amazon’s brands & organic search results.

Shows an image of how advt. are usually placed along with Organic results in major e-commerce & SE’s.

The pink shows where the sponsored results are against the organic

In It Together | LinkedIn India

We all have our own interpretations of triumphs, our own definitions of success and this journey is all about finding the feeling that drives us. Whatever you’re in it for, we’re in it together. #InItTogether

Adobe Digital Insights Digital Dollar Q1 2018

Leveraging Adobe Analytics Cloud data, the Digital Dollar Report for the first quarter of 2018 is the first release of a new quarterly series of reports focusing on retail and economics. Like the ADI Holiday, Digital Economy Project, and retail reports, this report uses aggregate and anonoymized data from the Adobe An-alytics Cloud to develop insights on online retail and economic trends. Releases feature updates on general trends in e-commerce and predictions and summaries of quarterly online retail, updates on pricing via the Digital Price Index, and features focusing on product insights and trends.

2018 Social Media Trends Report

Gatorade | Replenish. Rehydrate. Refuel. Restart | PV Sindhu

Gatorade has rolled out a new film featuring PV Sindhu alongside footballer Lionel Messi and basketball player Karl Anthony Towns.

The game’s not over, until you say it’s over. #SweatMore #SweatForGold
Starring Lionel Messi, Karl-Anthony Towns and our very own PV. Sindhu.