Amazon’s top acquisitions

Amazon recently snatched up film production company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) for around 8.5 billion US dollars.

Only the takeover of the organic supermarket chain Whole Foods in 2017 was more expensive for Amazon at $13.7 billion.

Big tech companies – Amazon, facebook, microsoft, alphabet – going for big acquisitions to diversify into different areas.

MGM’s acquisition will boost Amazon’s prime videos.

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Facebook Blocks Australian News – Restricting sharing news on the Feed

Facebook Blocks Australian News – Restricting sharing news on the Feed

Australian news organizations had their posts removed from Facebook in a retaliatory action that has also affected other pages

Facebook’s restricting Australians from sharing news & this has created a big argument on the impact of tech on journalism & users.

What’s Next: Social Media Trends 2020

What’s Next: Social Media Trends 2020

What’s Next: Social Media Trends 2020

Demanding a more seamless and cohesive buying journey, brands explored integrating the new commerce options being developed by the social networks. As a result, social media is shifting from merely being an inspiration or education channel to a full storefront experience.

Apple, Google, and Amazon Top List of Global Brands in Interbrand’s Global brands of 2019

Apple, Google, and Amazon Top List of Global Brands in Interbrand’s Global brands of 2019

Apple’s brand value grew by 9%. From no. 4 to 10 are Microsoft, followed by Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald’s and Disney.

Facebook No Longer Among Top 10 Best Brands Globally. Facebook has fallen to the 14th spot.

From 2001 to 2019 – how there is a paradigm shift in brand value.

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TikTok Analytics – Insights on Tiktok Analytics

TikTok Analytics – By switching to a Pro account, TikTok’s analytics dashboard can be accessed

By going to your profile settings and through the Manage My Account option, move to Pro account.

Following Analytics on Tiktok is available

Profile overview – Video views, profile views
Content insights – Total views, top shares, Audience types & others.
Follower insights – Follower count

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Facebook’s New Types of Interactive Mobile Ads

Facebook Rolling Out New Types of Interactive Mobile Ads

1) video poll ads to Facebook mobile Feed – Helps users & brands with interaction. Poll ads in Feed drive increased brand awareness and conversions.

2) AR Ads – TO open beta for AR Ads globally this fall. With several internet users trying an AR experience created by a brand, AR ads will open up a new opportunity for marketers.

3) Playable Ads – Allows users to play a game to drive downloads, conversations and brand objectives.


Time People Spend on Social Media in 2019

Time People Spend on Social Media in 2019

2 hrs & 23 mins per day on social media

Roughly 45% of world’s population use Social media

Avg. time / day by platform – FB @ 58 mins, Instagram @ 53 mins via Socialmediatoday

Top 5 countries – Ph, Br, Columbia, Nigeria & Ar


Influencers marketing trends 2019

A good report by Socialbakers on the influencers marketing trends 2019

3 types of social media influencers – Micro, Macro & Celebrity

Top brands mentioned by influencers the most – Daniel Wellington, Walmart & others.

Influencer marketing is projected to become a 10 billion dollar
market by 2020.

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Instagram is rolling out in-app check-out feature for e-commerce brands

Instagram is rolling out in-app check-out feature for e-commerce brands

With a majority of product discovery to sales happening on Amazon, other top tech brands are racing to drive users towards the conversion funnel.

Now instagram has rolled out an in-app checkout for e-commerce brands so users can purchase without leaving the app. Checkout on Instagram button whenever a user clicks on a product tag within an image

Some brands are Prada, Zara, Uniqlo & others.