Google to start rolling out better AMP URLs

Google to start rolling out better AMP URLs

To load AMP pages from the Google AMP cache without displaying the Google URL
Using their own URL also makes it easier to get analytics.
Name will be in the URL bar.



Google keywords planner – New Features

Several new features introduced in the new Google keywords planner

More keywords for searching – upto 10
Keyword trends
Group keywords by theme
Add a new keyword idea to an existing campaign
Budget suggestion

Keyword trends will help ads with understanding how the words trending & using it for ads.


Google Ads “recommended columns”

with so many KPI’s & columns to choose from in Google ads, sometimes it would become difficult to select the right column.

Google to introduce a new recommended column feature based on your ad campaigns & settings.

Recommended column to be shown by a blue underline in the column names.

Turned on by default for all & you can take a call whether to use it or not.


SEO Spam – Fastest Growing Spam Attacks

SEO Spam – Website Hack Trend Report 2018 by the GoDaddy Security / Sucuri

With increasing digital marketing & mobile shopping, SEO spam has become one of the fastest growing spam atatcks.

Over half of the sites hacked in 2018 were done for SEO reasons. Up 7.3% from the previous year, this is one of the fastest growing families over the previous years.

Websites impacted by SEO attacks often become infected with spam content or redirect visitors to spam-specific pages.

Pharmaceutical ad placements but may also include injected content for other popular industries like fashion or entertainment (i.e. pornographic material, essay writing, fashion brands, loans, and online gambling).


Searchmetrics SEO World Rankings 2019

Searchmetrics SEO World Rankings 2019 provides a good insight on the top domains ranking, Top 10 domains in 10 different countries, most improved domains & others.

Some of the findings are

Wikipedia is the most visible domain in 7 out of 10 countries
Youtube is the most visible domain in other 3 countries is no longer in top 5 global domains
Big 4 tech companies occupy 39% of top 10
Amazon has 6 different domains in top 10’s

Download the full report at searchmetrics site

Google’s “universal app campaigns” to a simpler “App Campaigns”

Google rebrands “universal app campaigns” to a simpler “App Campaigns”

universal app campaigns will now be called App campaigns. This would help marketers to easily identify the campaigns which they would need to select for a particular area as well.

App campaigns will join Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Smart as the top-level campaign names available in Google Ads.

App campaigns work across Google Search, Play, YouTube, and over three million sites and apps—all from one campaigna.jpg

Bing Increases URL Submission To 10,000 URLs Per Day

Earlier limit was to submit maximum of 10 URLs per day and maximum of 50 URLs per month.

By releasing the Adaptive URL submission feature that increases the daily quota by 1000x, to submit up to 10,000 URLs per day, with no monthly quotas.

The daily quota per site will be determined based on the site verified age in Bing Webmaster tool, site impressions and other signals that are available to Bing.