Amazon, Facebook, Google & other Digital Advt. Platforms – How they Compare?

with Amazon increasing its market share in the digital advt, there is growing competition among Facebook/Google/Amazon.

On Amazon, it will usually be Sponsored ads, amazon’s brands & organic search results.

Shows an image of how advt. are usually placed along with Organic results in major e-commerce & SE’s.

The pink shows where the sponsored results are against the organic


Google’s “universal app campaigns” to a simpler “App Campaigns”

Google rebrands “universal app campaigns” to a simpler “App Campaigns”

universal app campaigns will now be called App campaigns. This would help marketers to easily identify the campaigns which they would need to select for a particular area as well.

App campaigns will join Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Smart as the top-level campaign names available in Google Ads.

App campaigns work across Google Search, Play, YouTube, and over three million sites and apps—all from one campaigna.jpg

Google Manufacturer Center – New Analytics

Google Manufacturer Center allows manufacturers to provide better and more accurate information about their products to improve the shopping experience on, and other Google services.

GMC has now improved its analytics covering product performance that are different from what’s available through any other Google Ads platform. New includes

Top products with shared impressions
top search terms
Direct connections between products and search terms.
New data views for products,
new insights into the competitive landscape for PLAs,a.jpg

Bing Increases URL Submission To 10,000 URLs Per Day

Earlier limit was to submit maximum of 10 URLs per day and maximum of 50 URLs per month.

By releasing the Adaptive URL submission feature that increases the daily quota by 1000x, to submit up to 10,000 URLs per day, with no monthly quotas.

The daily quota per site will be determined based on the site verified age in Bing Webmaster tool, site impressions and other signals that are available to Bing.


Facebook to introduce a new tab page Quality

Facebook to introduce a new tab page Quality which provides insights on the

1. Content recently removed for violating a subset of our Community Standards
2. Content recently rated “False,” “Mixture” or “False Headline” by third-party fact-checkers.

This is a good move by FB as it helps the page admins understand which pages have been removed or have got a reduction in the visibility


How Google Manages its own SEO – Google Internal SEO strategy

How Google Manages its own SEO – Google Internal SEO strategy

Google owns around 7000 websites & is managed by 100’s of product/marketing teams globally. Daily more than 200 changes are done to these sites.

Google has made available on, how it manages its own SEO

1. For big SEO results, start small
2. Don’t be scared of changes — embrace them
3. Where possible, consolidate

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