Mobile – Who is ruling World’s Largest Smartphone Market?

China’s smartphone market remains the largest in the world. Smartphone shipments in the second quarter amounted to 111.2 million units, up 4.6 percent from the previous year’s June quarter. It’s Chinese brands such as Huawei, OPPO and vivo who are dominating in home turf.

Infographic: Who Rules the World’s Largest Smartphone Market? | Statista
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Nike ‘Unlimited You’ Rio 2016 Olympics Ad

The Olympics ad ‘Unlimited You’ starts at near birth and then builds through amateur athletes onto the pros. Until some of the most famous Nike athletes in the world join forces towards the end of the 2:30 length film.

Starbucks Holds More Cash Than Many Banks

The company has 12 million loyalty members in the U.S. alone and it means that Starbucks boasts a serious amount of cash on its customer cards. Starbucks has more customer cash than many banks have in deposits.

Infographic: Starbucks Holds More Cash Than Many Banks | Statista
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Facebook’s Importance to Online Publishers

Facebook has yet again changed the algorithm behind its news feed to the effect that its users will see more posts from friends and family and fewer from brands and media outlets. What sounds like good news for users, will probably cause some concern among online publishers around the world.

The organic reach of news articles or other branded content on Facebook has reportedly been declining for a while now and after this week’s announcement, publishers might fear a further decline.

Infographic: Facebook's Importance to Online Publishers | Statista
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Cross Border Shopping – Statistics and Trends

Cross Border Shopping – Statistics and Trends

Cross Border Shopping  Statistics and Trends

Infographic by- Invesp Consulting

Mobile Usability & Google Mobile-Friendly Test

With an increase in global web traffic from mobile devices & also studies showing that mobile visitors are more likely to revisit mobile-friendly sites, mobile usability has now become an imp part of search results. Mobile usability report helps identify issues affecting your pages. This can be used to fix errors & also their search performance & relevance. Most mobile browsers do not render Flash-based content. Also your pages should specify a viewport using the meta viewport tag

For the mobile friendly websites,

1) The viewing area should adjust to the device screen size
2) Content should flow in viewport
3) Scaling of the fonts
4) Buttons should be well placed & visible
5) Using mobile friendly tech for the mobile website

Six primary mobile usability errors are

1) Flash Usage
2) View Port Not configured
3) Fixed-width viewport
4) Content not sized to viewport
5) Small font size
6) Touch elements too close

Google Mobile-Friendly Test URl is This test will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design.

Which Social Networks Do Advertisers Rely On?

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook is by far the most popular network of choice. Behind the market leader however, things are less clear. According to a research report by Social Fresh, Instagram is quickly gaining popularity among marketers and could soon take Twitter’s place as the second most important social advertising channel.

Infographic: Which Social Networks Do Advertisers Rely On? | Statista
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