Building a Adobe Analytic Workspace Project From Scratch

Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK

Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK, a client-side JS library that replaces four SDKs that Adobe Experience Platform customers had to implement individually to synchronize all their data requiurements.

Currently, Experience Cloud solutions (i.e. Adobe Cloud Identity Service, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Audience Manager) require multiple libraries, which can be replaced with this new SDK.

Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK collects website event data in a simple name-value pair as part of implementation.




Now measure WeChat Metrics through Adobe Analytics

Adobe’s latest version of the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK has been udpated with functionalities that helps track & measure behaviour within WeChat Mini Program apps.

Wechat’s mini program helps brands create services & apps all within the Wechat ecosystem. This has become a great hit in China with over 2.3 million Mini Programs in more than 230 categories.

Good move by Adobe in providing analytics for wechat mini programs as this brands to connect the overall customer journey. Also by enabling ECID & CDA, helps brands to get a deep level analysis on the devices types as well & how they interact across the apps.


Adobe Digital Insights Digital Dollar Q1 2018

Leveraging Adobe Analytics Cloud data, the Digital Dollar Report for the first quarter of 2018 is the first release of a new quarterly series of reports focusing on retail and economics. Like the ADI Holiday, Digital Economy Project, and retail reports, this report uses aggregate and anonoymized data from the Adobe An-alytics Cloud to develop insights on online retail and economic trends. Releases feature updates on general trends in e-commerce and predictions and summaries of quarterly online retail, updates on pricing via the Digital Price Index, and features focusing on product insights and trends.

Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) – U.S. Best Of The Best – Report

Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) – U.S. Best Of The Best – Report

Adobe’s Woo Woo Social Campaign – What’s Your Marketing Doing?

With the increase of social media usage for conversations it is becoming difficult for marketers to understand their audience & target/communicate with them properly. Marketers are getting lost in the world of chaotic internet. The latest campaign from Adobe focusses on this & how their products help market effectively.

Adobe’s “Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night?” – A Report

Adobe has released a study titled “Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night?” which reveals how marketers are feeling about Digital. The survey covered 1000 US marketers with a 95% confidence level & margin of error is +/- 3.1% for the sample. Some of the findings of the survey are

1) 76% of marketers think marketing has changed more in the past two years than the past 50 years.
2) Only 44% say marketing dept. have a great deal of influence over their Company’s overall business strategy
3) Only 40% think their company’s marketing is effective
4) Just one in three marketers think their companies are highly proficient in digital marketing
5) 61% of all marketers think that digital marketing approaches are a constant cycle of trial & error
6) 66% of all marketers state companies won’t succeed unless they have a digital marketing approach.
7) Cross channel marketing is a stronger driver of success among digital marketers

adobe digital marketing

adobe digital marketing

Adobe’s “Click Here: The State of Online Advertising” Report

Do you find Online advertising effective or does it interest you or annoy you? Online advertising has come a long way since the early days of internet. Adobe commissioned a study with Edelman Berland for an online survey of 8750 consumers & 1750 professional marketers across the US, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Japan & South Korea during Oct’12 – Apr’13. This data provides a great wealth of information from both the marketers & consumers point of view. Some of the data from the report are

1) Traditional Media is considered the best for mktg & advt & also for credibility about products & brands.
2) France, Japan & Australia like to enjoy reading & Viewing Advt
3) Majority of consumers & marketers believe TV commercials are more important than online advertising
4) Majority of consumers in UK, US, Germany & Australia find online ads are annoying
5) Over half of respondents have liked on behalf of their favorite brands
6) Most consumers “like” products they regularly buy.

Access the complete report at Adobe Website


Adobe #CreativeDay – Adobe Photoshop Prank in a Bus Stop

Adobe to promote its Adobe creative days created a series of events in EMEA. This has been created by the agency Abby normThink bus stop advertisements are dead.? Not any more, with this creative Adobe advt at the bus stops.

This involved photoshopping the person in the bus stop & then displaying it in the Digital Adshell in the bus stop with various art works. The person could see the artwork with his photoshopped image in real time. The hashtag #CreativeDay was displayed as part of the campaign so that people can follow the conversation.