Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Understanding Pinterest Analytics


Google Search Console – How to use it for tracking & improving your App?

Using Google search console, you can find out how Google treats & understands your app content in its search results. Using the stats from the search console, you can improve your app for better traffic, downloads & others.

Add your app to Google search console through entering your app name: android-app://com.example to search console. This data is shown to authorized app owners only.

Connect your site to your app by associating your site with your app. It helps with understanding and ranking the app content better.

The new Search Analytics report provides detailed information on top queries, top app pages, and traffic by country. You can also filter it by country, device, search type & others to drill down for further information.

Cross check which content from your app actually matches with the content from search & getting more clicks. If they are matching, users are finding the content good else navigation need to be restructured or content needs to be fine tuned for better user experience.

search console
search console

Web Analytics – Analysis & Insights to Drive Traffic & Leads

Web Analytics helps you understand how the visitors are navigating your site, the keywords searched in search engines, referrers, social media, campaign performance & other. There are several analytical tool available which provide a wide amount of information. This data can be used to improve the performance of the website. A java script code implemented in the pages send the information to analytics service providers & provide the data in the form of a report or dashboard.

YouTube Trends Map – Real Time Most Popular Videos

YouTube Trends Map provides a real time information on what videos are popular across the US by city/region & also can be filtered by shares, views, gender & age range. Videos uploaded within 48 hours may not appear in age and gender breakdowns. Hovering over the map, one can watch the thumbnail of the popular video in that region. There is also a bar graph at the bottom of the page showing number of regions where each video is #1. Right now, this is available for US. The Trends Map is based on user response to YouTube Trends Dashboard.

Google Universal Analytics

With the growth of mobiles, tablet devices & others, it has become challenging to understand analytic data from multiple sources & use it effectively. Google’s universal analytics helps business address many such concerns easily. Universal analytics is the evolution of Google analytics. Universal analytics helps in online/offline data sync, performance of the mobile apps, how customers interact via an array of devices & others. It uses analytics.js tracking code & paste it to head section of the website. The javascript library has been changed to analytics.js from ga.js. Google Tag Manager can also be used to implement Universal Analytics. Some of the other features available include multi platform tracking, custom dimensions & metrics, select new feature releases & others. Google has been very active in improving the features of Google analytics & adding new features.

Mobile App Crashes Analytics

Mobile app crashes metrics provides information which helps provide better apps, more monetization & proper use of resources. Through the measurement, data will be updated every time there is a crash. Also crashes can be measured across various versions. This helps in understanding which version is stable. The app crashes can be divided among various platforms like iphone, andorid, Blackberry & others.

More in depth analysis can be made by analyzing crashes at the device level like Samsung Galaxy, Apple iphone & other makes. Whether crash is happening at the server level or due to the mobile phone problem can also taken into consideration. Ads are also served through apps. This also needs to be monitored to find out if clicking the ads is causing crashes.

Web Analytics for Measuring Video Stats

With the rapid rise of youtube & other video sharing sites, videos have become a novel way of promoting products, services & info. Some of the videos have millions of views & thousands of comments. Also google is showing videos for many keyword searches. Web analytics for video stats would help get important info about the videos. Some of the top parameters to look for in video analytics include: 1) No. of comments 2) No. of views 3) Keywords for which video is appearing 4) Rating for the video 5) How long the video is viewed 6) how fast the video loads particularly in places with slow connection 7) No.of times video is downloaded. Videos should be optimized properly with great titles as it helps rank in search engines.