Building a Adobe Analytic Workspace Project From Scratch

Google’s new structured data “Clip markup and Seek markup” for video SEO

Google’s new structured data “Clip markup and Seek markup” to create key moment video clips in Google Search.

Clip markup – To manually tell Google what timestamp and label to use for the key moments feature

Seek markup – To tell Google how your URL structure works, so that Google can display key moments

More @ Google Developers – to create these schemas for your videos


Microsoft integrates Clarity, its free to use web analytics tool with Bing Webmaster Tools

Microsoft integrates Clarity, its free to use web analytics tool with Bing Webmaster Tools

Sign up for Clarity directly in Bing Webmaster Tools or through

Clarity JavaScript tag can be installed on platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Google Tag Manager, and others.

Good move by microsoft by integrating this through bing webmaster tool. Would give a lot of information through Analytics & SEO to marketers & developers.

New predictive capabilities in Google Analytics

New predictive capabilities in Google Analytics

2 new predictive metrics to App + Web properties in GA

Purchase Probability – which predicts the likelihood that users who have visited your app or site will purchase in the next seven days.

Churn Probability – predicts how likely it is that recently active users will not visit your app or site in the next seven days.

Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK

Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK, a client-side JS library that replaces four SDKs that Adobe Experience Platform customers had to implement individually to synchronize all their data requiurements.

Currently, Experience Cloud solutions (i.e. Adobe Cloud Identity Service, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Audience Manager) require multiple libraries, which can be replaced with this new SDK.

Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK collects website event data in a simple name-value pair as part of implementation.



Youtube Analytics – Now Creators can get More Analytics data Through the dashboard

Youtube Analytics – Now Creators can get More Analytics data Through the dashboard

Youtube analytics has updated its analytics dashboard for creators providing a more granular view across:

Deep Dive – Clicking on see more under metric will take you to deep dive section. You can see changes over time across a no. of metrics/dimensions. Till now, only 1 variable was available.

Top videos: Compare a channel’s overall top videos MoM.

Audience: Geo comparison shows where your audience is coming MoM.

Bell notification sends: Views from bell notifications & CTR for bell notifications through bell notifications to subscribers.

This will provide YT video creators with more granular data on how their videos are performing.


Now measure WeChat Metrics through Adobe Analytics

Adobe’s latest version of the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK has been udpated with functionalities that helps track & measure behaviour within WeChat Mini Program apps.

Wechat’s mini program helps brands create services & apps all within the Wechat ecosystem. This has become a great hit in China with over 2.3 million Mini Programs in more than 230 categories.

Good move by Adobe in providing analytics for wechat mini programs as this brands to connect the overall customer journey. Also by enabling ECID & CDA, helps brands to get a deep level analysis on the devices types as well & how they interact across the apps.


TikTok Analytics – Insights on Tiktok Analytics

TikTok Analytics – By switching to a Pro account, TikTok’s analytics dashboard can be accessed

By going to your profile settings and through the Manage My Account option, move to Pro account.

Following Analytics on Tiktok is available

Profile overview – Video views, profile views
Content insights – Total views, top shares, Audience types & others.
Follower insights – Follower count

tiktok analytics.png

Google Analytics – App+Web Measurement

Google Analytics new way to measure apps and websites together for the #first time in Google Analytics.

Some new updates are

1) introducing a new property type – App + Web, for a unified reporting

2) Measure across app & web – KPI’s like referrals, UV’s, channels & others

3) New Event measurement – for measuring Page views, scrolls, site search & others

4) Cross Platform Analytics – Drag/Drop adhoc analysis, funenls & path analysis

will be available to all Analytics and Analytics 360 accounts in beta in the coming weeks. Firebase SDK still need to be implemented in the app for app data

These are some significant changes which google analytics will be bringing in recent times. Will help a lot with unified reporting2019-07-31-2.max-1000x1000

Youtube analytics – How to get insights on youtube videos

Youtube analytics – How to get insights on youtube videos