Facebook Acquires Bangalore based Startup Little Eye Labs – A Performance Analysis and Monitoring tool

Facebook has acquired the Bangalore based startup Little Eye Labs. The company makes tool for analyzing the performance of mobile apps. This is the first Indian acquistion by Facebook & shows the Facebook’s strategy of mobile dominance. Parse was another company which Facebook acquired for its move into Mobile area.

The entire Little Eye Labs team will move to Facebook’s HQ in Menlo Park, CA. This is a great move for Indian startup companies & will give a big boost for the Indian companies. The company was backed by GSF and VenturEast Tenet Fund. The company can leverage Facebook’s world-class infrastructure at its HQ & can help improve their apps.

facebook little eye labs

facebook little eye labs

15 Years of Google – An Infographic on How Google is dominating the Web

Google, which is celebrating 15 years this week, has grown to become a dominant force in the web.  Search, Android, Google Adwords, Adsense, Maps & others are some of the important areas of Google.  The chart below shows the market share of Google in some of its areas.

You will find more statistics at Statista

Google Play Books & Movies now in India

Google has launched books & movies on Google play in India. Movies are available for rental & purchase in India. This service is currently available in 13 countries now. With the booming of Indian mobile market, it makes a perfect move for Google to make available movies on Google play. Books have also been added to the Google play which ranges from Indian titles to classics. Many international best sellers are also available in the store. Books can be read across mobile, tablets & computer. Google recently started selling Nexus 7 mobile devices online in India as well. This is the first time Google is selling a device in India to a customer through its Google Play Store. Also available on Google Play is apps with a wide range of categories in both free & paid versions. Google play was earlier knows as the Android market.

Mobile App Crashes Analytics

Mobile app crashes metrics provides information which helps provide better apps, more monetization & proper use of resources. Through the measurement, data will be updated every time there is a crash. Also crashes can be measured across various versions. This helps in understanding which version is stable. The app crashes can be divided among various platforms like iphone, andorid, Blackberry & others.

More in depth analysis can be made by analyzing crashes at the device level like Samsung Galaxy, Apple iphone & other makes. Whether crash is happening at the server level or due to the mobile phone problem can also taken into consideration. Ads are also served through apps. This also needs to be monitored to find out if clicking the ads is causing crashes.

Apple launches iTunes Stores in India

Apple has launched iTunes Stores in India along with several other international markets like Turkey, SA & Russia. users can rent or purchase movies from the store & also music. In June, it was launched in Singapore, Taiwan & Hong Kong. India with rapidly increasing smartphones, will provide a huge market for Apple to expand its market share.

Google’s Tablet App Quality Checklist

With the release of Apple’s ipad tablet, market for tablets is increasing significantly & several android based tablets is being released. This provides a huge opportunity for android based apps for tablets. Google has released a tablet app quality checklist for apps. The checklist has been listed under 10 points & it is a great read for any developer. This would help develop great quality apps. Optimize the layout, use the extra screen area, fonts, adjust home screen widgets & others are some of the points to be taken care of. Complete list can be accessed from here.

Facebook App Center

Facebook’s app center will give its 900 million members a whole new way of experiencing social apps. It is accessible through web & also on iOs & andriod apps. Users can find great apps like Pinterest, Battle Pirates, Viddy & others. Apps will have an apps detail page which will help users to have more info about the apps. User ratings, engagement,app ratings metric will help rank the apps & also helps in its success. Mobile users can also browse the apps from their mobile devices & can install it depending on the mobile device. App developers need to go through the guidelines to get it listed & also if it doesn’t meet the guidelines it will be removed. Apple’s & Google Android app center have become the top app centers. The facebook app center will help facebook reach more users & also provide better engagement to the users. For marketers, it will provide an easier & better route to reach their members.

Apple iOS vs Windows Phone vs Android vs Blackberry OS

With the increase in smartphones, mobile OS is playing a crucial role in the increase of mobile browsing. Apple iOS, Windows phone, android & blackberry OS are the top mobile OS. There are some other OS like brew, bada from samsung, meego, symbian & others. Nokia recently released Lumia 900 based on latest windows phone OS. This has received good response from the tech community. Apple iOS on iphone & its app store has taken the mobile world by storm. There are thosands of apps & have been downloaded millions of times. Google’s android is giving tough competition to Apple iOS. Android app store has also thousands of apps & gives great opportunity for smartphone users to variety of apps. All the 4 mobile OS are in the race to get a hold on the rapidly increasing mobile market.

Apple iPhone, Google Android & Blackberry App World Mobile Apps

Apple iphone apps changed the way smart phones are used. Thousands of apps are available for iphone & this has resulted in various ways iPhone can be used. Billions of downloads have been done. Success of this led to Google’s Android store & Blackberry’s App world. But these 2 haven’t been able to match the success of Apple iphone apps. Apps provided a new medium for marketers to reach the customers. Several free informational, product based, service based & paid apps have been introduced to reach the customers. This also helped a new way of branding. Apps are also being released for promotions with links to Twitter & Facebook. Success of an app depends on the number of downloads & also the viral/word of mouth about the app.