The Biggest Google Search Advertisers in the U.S. – Amazon,, AT&T, Expedia & others

Infographic: The Biggest Google Search Advertisers in the U.S. | Statista
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AT&T’s 9/11 Marketing blunder – Uses 9/11 To Promote A Cell Phone

AT&T’s tweet related to 9/11 has created a firestorm in the blogosphere & social media. On Wednesday, AT&T posted a pic on its twitter account, of a hand holding a smartphone with the screen displaying the tribute in light. 2 Light beams for the twin towers. Soon, there was a firestorm on Facebook & twitter accusing AT&T of using the 9/11 anniversary of trying to promote a cell phone. AT&T later removed the picture & also offered apologies for the post. There was also an apology from the CEO on the company blog.

Companies should have social media strategy in place to deal with the social media crisis. Campaigns, promotions & other marketing related activities should be evaluated thoroughly before going ahead with the launch.



comScore’s Top 50 U.S. Web Properties in June – Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, AOL & others in the List

comScore has released the list of top 50 U.S web properties, top 10 site categories, Top 30 Syndicated Ad Focus Entities & other details in its monthly ranking of U.S. web activity. Google sites, Yahoo sites, Microsoft sites & Facebook are the top 4 sites with highest unique visitors. Some others in the list include AOL, Amazon sites & Glam Media.

Among the site categories, gay/lesbian, retail (fragrences/cosmetics) & services (IM’s) occupy the top 3 position. Gay/Lesbian has seen a 10% increase with the pride month in June. Among the ad networks, Google ad network & AT&T adworks occupy the top 2 positions. Facebook, Tumblr, pinterest & Linkedin are the top social media networks in the top US web properties.


BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands – Apple, Google, IBM, McDonald’s, Coco-Cola & others

Apple, Google, IBM, McDonald’s & Coco-Cola are the top 5 brands as per the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report. Apple has grown by +1% & Google by +5% to occupy 1st & 2nd positions. Samsung which is competing with Apple in the global smartphone race is at 30th spot with +51% growth. Commissioned by WPP and conducted by Millward Brown Optimor, the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study,is now in its 8th year now. Ranking is done based on current & potential buyer views of the brand along with the financial data. More info about the ranking can be had at the Press release link on 21st May, 2013. Youtube link for the rankings.

Technology & telecom brands constitute a chink of the top 100 global brands. Some of the other entries include AT&T, Microsoft, Marlboro, Visa & China Telecom. There are also regional & category branding ranking is available & can be downloaded from WPP website. Digital revolution, technology,recession, social media, changing consumer preferences & other factors have an effect on the brands. The rankings & more on brand insight are also available as an app for Apple, Android & iPad magazine.


Summer Break – A Social Media Only Reality Show

Here is a new Reality show, Summer Break, which will be available on social media like twitter, instagram, tumblr. This is going to be the first reality show not on TV. This tracks lives of 9 teenagers who enjoy their summer break before they go to college. You can check their daily updates as it will be posted on twitter, instagram & tumblr. Within 24 hours of event happening, there will be 60-second daily episodes produced by professionals that will be posted on YouTube. The cast consists of five guys – Connor, Kostas, Zaq, Trevis, Ray & four girls – Clara, Lena, Alex, Nia.
With mobile dominating the lives of teens, this show provides a perfect platform to track their lives on mobile devices through social networks. Pics, tweets, shares & updates rule the lives of teenagers. The budget for this is around $5 million dollars & is sponsored by AT&T. This is the first such social media reality show & will be watched closely on how successful it will be.