Dumb Ways to Die – Campaign

Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia came out with this creative “Dumb Ways to Die” a public service announcement campaign by to promote rail safety. The campaign has gone viral since its launch & has been shared on social media platforms.

Video was developed by Pat Baron, animated by Julian Frost and produced by Cinnamon Darvall. The campaign was devised by advertising agency McCann Melbourne. It has a tumblr account as well. The campaign has won 7 Webby Awards in 2013 including the Best Animation Film & Video and Best Public Service & Activism.


Adobe’s “Click Here: The State of Online Advertising” Report

Do you find Online advertising effective or does it interest you or annoy you? Online advertising has come a long way since the early days of internet. Adobe commissioned a study with Edelman Berland for an online survey of 8750 consumers & 1750 professional marketers across the US, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Japan & South Korea during Oct’12 – Apr’13. This data provides a great wealth of information from both the marketers & consumers point of view. Some of the data from the report are

1) Traditional Media is considered the best for mktg & advt & also for credibility about products & brands.
2) France, Japan & Australia like to enjoy reading & Viewing Advt
3) Majority of consumers & marketers believe TV commercials are more important than online advertising
4) Majority of consumers in UK, US, Germany & Australia find online ads are annoying
5) Over half of respondents have liked on behalf of their favorite brands
6) Most consumers “like” products they regularly buy.

Access the complete report at Adobe Website