India 272+ Campaign by BJP – An Innovative Campaign to Achieve 272+ seats

India 272+ Campaign is an initiative to help BJP’s Mission towards gaining a majority in Lok Sabha elections. With Lok sabha elections nearing, all the political parties have logged onto digital marketing & social media activities to woo the voters. India 272+ is a unique campaign by BJP which represents the number of seats needed to gain majority & form govt. Facebook, twitter & Google+ profiles have been created to gain visibility in social media.

Facebook has got 267K likes & 22K followers on twitter. The website has been updated with latest news, trending in social media & live stream. Pictures play an important role in social media & having an official instagram, flickr, Tumblr & Youtube accounts would have increased visibility for the campaign.


BJP’s Vs Congress’s – BJP & Congress 2014 Election Manifesto

Both BJP & Congress have launched election manifesto websites soliciting ideas/suggestions for the 2014 elections. BJP’s website has pics of Modi, Singh & Joshi with links to their 2009, 2004 & 1998 elections manifesto. There is also links to their social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & Google+. Both the parties have taken to internet & social media to reach to the public & connect with them. A Manifesto is a public declaration of intent.

BJP’s 2014 Election Manifesto Website link
Congress 2014 Election Manifesto Website Link

While Congress has pics of Singh, Sonia & Rahul on the website with links to their Facebook & Twitter profiles. Suggestions can be given pertaining to various areas & also for a particular state. There is also links to various reports of the past year’s UPA govt’s report card. A twitter feed has also been included in the site.

BJP  2014 Election Manifesto
BJP 2014 Election Manifesto
Congress 2014 Election Manifesto
Congress 2014 Election Manifesto

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013 & Role of Social Media

Social media is playing a critical role in this year’s assembly elections in Karnataka to reach out to the urban youths. BJP, Congress & JDS have their social media profiles on Facebook, youtube, Twitter & Google+. Facebook has many official pages of contesting candidates & present MLA’s. In just a short span of 5 years, social media has become a popular tool for the parties to reach out to voters. Ads of the candidates are also coming up on Facebook.

Google+ hangout is a great avenue for the candidates to interact with voters. The official websites of the parties also have links to these profiles. With the increase in the internet penetration & more people going social, it helps parties to tap into the huge member base of social networking sites. To increase the interaction, they can ask questions, value the feedback provided by the voters & also post pics/videos. Below are some of the links to the profiles of the parties.

Karnataka Congress:

Karnataka JD(S):

Karnataka BJP: