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Best Practices to Build a Multichannel Campaign Plan

Best Practices to Build a Multichannel Campaign Plan

The State of E-Commerce Industry in India – How it is shaping up & it’s Future?

The booming ecommerce market in India has attracted VC’s to fund the next Indian ecommerce success story. Several Indian ecommerce startups like Flipkart, Myntra, snapdeal & others have already made a big name in Indian ecommerce space. Many are planning for expansion, M&A & others to gain new markets.

Accel Partners India has brought out a study on the ecommerce in India & how it is shaping up.

1) Online shopping of physical goods in India, will grow to $8.5Bn in 2016. Number of online shoppers in India will more than double to 40M. The study doesn’t take into consideration travel, ticketing and food ordering.

2) Last year saw the rise of fashion category – fashion e-commerce GMV doubled since 2012.

3) People are becoming more comfortable in ordering higher priced items online.

4) 35% of Online GMV in 2016 will be influenced by Women.

5) Tier 2 cities growing faster in ecommerce adoption. Potentially 40M shoppers between ages of 19 – 24 years, will start spending money online

6) Last year there was a big jump in average order value with new categories like jewellery, home decor & others.

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Amazon Launches amazon.in – Online Marketplace in India

Amazon has launched Amazon.in, an online marketplace in India. This has been launched by Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd, an Amazon.com company. With the ever-increasing Indian internet population, rising income levels & convenience of purchasing online, Indian online retailing is attracting global giants. Due to Indian laws prohibiting direct retailing by Foreign companies on the net, Amazon has gone for a different business model. In this, Amazon will not own any merchandise sold but will act as platform for any retailer who wants to sell his products. Books, movies & TV shows are currently available with mobile phones & cameras coming in the weeks ahead.

This provides Indian customers with a wide selection, low prices, offers, fast & reliable delivery. The company has launched 2 new programs, ‘Selling on Amazon’ and ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’. This provides Indian retailers to sell their products online easily & with access to great Amazon technology. This is also accessible on mobile devices. This would provide a tough competition to Indian online retailers.