BP – My Gulf and Voices From The Gulf Youtube series

BP’s social media efforts to improve its brand image through the My Gulf video series on its youtube channel. Several videos under MY Gulf series showing the how the life has improved following the steps taken by BP. BP’s image had taken a beating following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. There were several negetive comments in facebook & twitter about the incident. A fake twitter account was also setup at the time of spill & it had attracted several followers. There is also a series on Voices From The Gulf. Facebook & Twitter pages are also proving to help improve in BP’s brand image. Social media is playing a great role for companies to shape their branding. This also helps in greater interaction with the customers. Recent facebook changes help brands have more rapport with their fans.


BP’s Brand Disaster

BP’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill has damaged the BP brand Value. This is evident by BP off the list in Interbrand’s 2010 list. Blogs, twitter & other PR machines were against the way BP handled the crisis. @BPglobalPR, a satirical BP twitter account got more followers than the BP twitter account. BP, a brand built over the decades, should have done a better of way of protecting the brand. With the rise of social media, it is clear that companies can no longer control their brand. It is not just BP, even Nestle, Toyota & other top brands face similar wrath of the social media. The logic lies in accepting the facts & then doing the damage control. Social Media is a vast space & even if a single negative story spreads, it has the potential to ignite a wildfire.
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