Candy Crush Saga on Facebook, Google Play, Apple App store & Kindle Fire – Reaches 500 Million Downloads

Candy Crush Saga has surpassed 500 million downloads & has been played billions of times. Clever marketing strageties of easy game, simple design, colors & availability of game across many platforms have aided for the growth of game. It made its debut on Facebook, followed by iOS & Android. Game has an in market app which could be used playing the games. With just 1 level, several hundred levels have been added to the game. Candy Crush Facebook page has millions of likes & many post their opinions of the game on the page.

Download links on various platforms

1) Candy Crush Saga on Google Play
2) Candy Crush Saga on Apple iTunes
3) Candy Crush Saga on Facebook

 Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga