India & Pakistan Connect Together Through Coco-Cola Interactive Soda Machine

Coco-Cola‘s Open Happiness campaign has created a lot of brand visibility for Coke. India & Pakistan, 2 neighboring countries have been at loggerheads for decades over the border issue. Coke is is trying to change all of that through a new advertising film. Small World Machines from Coca-Cola allows people to connect in real time, touching each other over the interactive machine & drawing peace, love, and happiness symbols together.Coca-Cola installed Smart vending machines in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India. This would promote happiness and cultural understanding between the 2 nations.


Coco-Cola India’s Coke2Home – Order Cola Online in India

Online e-commerce which has taken off in a big way in India in the last few years is attracting Big players into the field. Coco-Cola has entered the food e-commerce in India with its site This is currently available in Ahmadabad Municipality Corp only. Businesses can also place bulk orders & energy drinks, juice drinks, mixers, soda & packaged drinking water are available. Minimum order for delivery is Rs 300 & before 12 noon order will get same day delivery.

Rising income levels, huge youth population, increasing internet penetration, mobile browsing & other factors are contributing for Increasing Indian e-commerce activities. Many brick & mortar companies are entering the e-commerce field.