Google Zeitgeist 2010

Google’s Zeitgeist 2010 throws up some of the interesting ways in which search was done in 2010. It shows the list in various forms like entertainment, sports, consumer electronics, news & others. World cup africa, Haiti earthquake are some of the top searched news items. Ash cloud & the Gulf of Mexico oil spill also topped the social media networking sites. Google’s Zeitgeist has become a sort of cult following & is carried by most of the news organizations around the world.


Google Accounts for 6.4% of Internet Traffic

Google, the search giant, is not only the leader in search market share abut also the leader in internet Traffic. Google now accounts for 6.4% of the total internet traffic. This is a huge figure as it billions of people are online & google is the leader with all this traffic. There is only one global ISP which gets more traffic. Internet is growing at a rapid pace with increasing speed. People want information very quickly & all they do is google it. This in turn gives Google a pie of the internet traffic. Google also had a record revenue in the last quarter. If Google also gets its social media right, then this number will increase significantly.

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How to do Video SEO & why is it Required?

With Google displaying videos in the search results in the top position, it is becoming important to do SEO for the videos. Usually videos from youtube are displayed but sometimes from other sites as well. With viral videos becoming the center of attraction, video SEO helps increase brand visibility & also drive traffic. Some of the important parameters to be considered in Video SEO are:

  • Title of the video – When someone types a keyword in Google, the title plays an important role. Title with the required keyword ranks in the search.
  • Duration of Video – Video duration must be as short as possible. People dont want to spend hours on videos for information.
  • Comments on the videos – This helps know the users response for the videos.
  • Rating for the videos – Rating should be monitored  as it helps in overall ranking of the video.
  • Links for the videos – Links shared about the videos on twitter, Facebook & other sites help determine the link popularity of the video.