How to Customize Facebook Fan Pages to increase customer Engagement?

Facebook with millions of members provides a great way for companies to create fan pages & engage with them. Before a user likes the fan page, there should be clear mentioning of advantages they will get by becoming fans. The USP’s of fan page will provide them with an incentive to click on the fan page. Brands can include various offers presently running on the facebook page. Pics, Videos & other items can be included to increase customer engagement. The images used in the page should convey the overall brand image.

Downloads of the favorite tunes, videos will increase customer interaction. Behind the scenes pictures and videos can be posted on the wall, providing fans various ways to comment. Pre-release product teasers provide a way for fans to interact. Companies are also launching campaigns on their Facebook fan pages. Several top brands have their fan pages on Facebook & where members can post on walls, discuss & post photos/videos. Fans are taking to fan page to air their feedback about the product/service & this is also helping companies to better connect with the customers.