Psy’s Gangnam Style becomes YouTube’s most viewed Video

Psy’s Gangnam style has become the most watched video on youtube on saturday with more than 800 million views. It was Beiber’s Baby video which had held the top position in Youtube views. Psy’s video was uploaded 4 months ago & since then it has become an internet sensation. Several parodies of the video have been created. The song is named after the Gangnam district of Seoul & shows the consumerism of that place. If the views of parooides & others are also taken into consideration, it will exceed billions of views. It has also the largest number of likes. Beiber’s baby was uploaded 2 years ago.


Gangnam Style – Viral Video

South Korean pop star PSY’s Gangnam Style music video has gone viral on youtube & has garnered more than 298 million views on youtube. It has also enterted the Guiness book of world records for most likes. More than 1,400,000 comments have been made on youtube & several parodies of the video have also been created. Song was released on July 15, 2012. Several international media outlets have also covered the video. Gangnam Style refers to the lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district of Seoul. It is also on top of the chart in itunes store.

little BANGALORE – Viral Video

1st December Studio has created little Bangalore, a video, which has gone viral on youtube. A timelapse video which captures Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. This is a tribute to the city which has undergone a paradign shift in the last 2 decades thanks to the IT/BT. It has already got lakhs of views on Youtube.

Rajesh Khanna in Havells Fans Ad

Fans are Forever, a Havells Fans TVC, features yesteryear’s Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna. The TVC begins with Fans kya hote hain…mujhse poocho. From Shock Laga to Wires that don’t catch fire, Havells advts have become the talk of the town. Now with this advt, Rajesh Khanna is making a comeback appearence after a long break. The TVC ends with Mere fans mujhse koi nahi cheen sakta. This is also his first TVC. This is a great advt for fans & helps in establishing a good rapport with buyers. The element of nostalgia found in the advt helps users identify with the product. Brands are trying to differentiate & to beat the competition, advertisements are getting creative by the day.

Staples: Wow! That’s a Low Price! – Absolute Worst Advt in America

Staples’ “Wow! That’s a Low Price!” has earned the dubious distinction of Absolute Worst Advt in America in a poll conducted by the Consumerist. This ad has garnered a high percentage of negative comments in most of the forums, blogs, discussion groups & others. The guy yelling makes one to mute the TV. Companies should do a user testing before launching the Ad. Even though the ad conveys the message of low prices, the way it is shown gives a bad impression for the consumers about the ad.