Ford India – Figo Aspire #WhatDrivesYou Campaign

Ford is launching Figo Aspire this year & as part of the launch has a campaign called What Drives You? Ford has roped in Farhan Akthar, bollywood actor & director, for the campaign. TVC has already started airing on channles & on the digital side, a microsite for the campaign has been created. You can participate by Simply telling in about 50 words or less what drives you for your chance to experience something surprising, driven by the Figo Aspire.

Filmed experiences, photo moments & tweet mentions have been included as part of the campaign. We’re all driven by different things that inspire us to go further every day, both personally and professionally. So what drives your goals, dreams, aspirations or inspirations, big or small? Family? Creativity? Helping others? Sports?

This is a creative way of launching a new car & with the auto market getting crowded, asking users to find out what drives them in their daily lives. Facebook, twitter conversations surrounding the campaign is driving the users to the campaign microsite.


Go Further with Ford

Ford’s new spot in which no brand name appears has attracted top views on youtube. Only Go further & Ecoboost are flashed in the spot. For the first time, Ford has not shown the brand name in the ads. Ford has also setup a site which gives more info about the spot. The website has been neatly done with good visuals and information. Ford has been pioneer in automotive social media with new & innovative concepts. Digital marketing has become an important avenue for brands to engage with customers.

Ford’s Social Media Success

Ford has used social media successively to increase the brand visibility, drive traffic & also to engage in conversation. Ford Fiesta campaign was one of the most successful social media campaign of Ford. Ford gave Fiestas to drive & it was recorded by the drivers. It helped launch ford fiesta virally. Ford has used twitter, facebook, youtube to organize communities & increase the brand visibility. Ford is also moving 25% of its budget to digital marketing.Ford has also won the highest honor in the car tech category for its new MyFord touch interface. Ford is one of major Auto companies using social media in a big way. Ford Sync is also helping drive the sales of Ford vehicles. It has been developed with Microsoft.