101India – A Youth focused YouTube channel

Created by a team of youth television experts, film makers, writers, bloggers, animators, designers. Serving entertaining videos trying to connect urban Indian audiences. 101India aims to give you a mix of humor, music, travel, people profiles, alternate sports and food.

Becoming the stylist to top Bollywood actors isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes hard work. Shaleena Nathani compares it to when people ask her how she can run such long distances.

Outrun is a series about how young, creative Mumbaikars are breaking conventions and leaving the easy road behind to follow new, exciting paths.


Old Spice Launches ‘Twitch’ Real-Life Game

Old Spice as part of their new ‘Nature Adventure’ campaign has created a real-life Pokémon where they give full-control of a human being, to the Twitch audience. This is for 3 straight days, 24/7, where he is contractually obliged to do anything the internet wants him to do in forrest in which he has been placed.

The Digital Life of American Teens – Games, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Youtube, Vine & others

The Digital Life of American Teens on Snapchat, Tumblr, Youtube, Vine, Games, Instagram, Twitter & others.

You will find more statistics at Statista

Sony Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video – Top Viral Video


Harry Potter & Social Networking – Pottermore.com

Pottermore.com is a new website brining web 2.0 to the Harry Potter fans. This is a website by J.K Rowling combining facebook with wikipedia for its fans. The website has been in Beta & will be open ti public by October. There is also a twitter feed for getting updates about the site. New ebooks by the author will also be available & users can join communities, share experiences & also discuss about Harry Potter. The website is free to join & will be available in many languages like Italian, Hispanic among others. This will bring together millions of Potter fans together & also helps increase the interest among the fans.

Angry Birds hits 200 million downloads

Angry birds has hit 200 million downloads. It was first available on Apple ios & then has been extended to cover most of the platforms available. Today installed it on Chrome OS & played it. Really addictive & entertaining. Has been downloaded much on Apple devices. This is designde by a finnish company Rovio. They are even planning to merchandise the games. Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio are the different games versions & is available on major smartphone platforms, consoles, PC and Mac. Merchandise is also selling in great numbers.

VW’s The Force – Top Superbowl Video Ad on the web

VW‘s The force has garnered 20 million views to become top online superbowl ad on the web. The ad is about the 2012 VW passat. In the ad star wars darth vadar style kid is used. Such kind of views give the brand an easier way of reaching the customers and also increases visibility for the brand. 

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