Structured data issues in Search Console – More data now

Search Console is adding more context to its error reporting.

Eg: if a website doesn’t provide the name of the author in markup, Search Console currently reports an error named Missing field “name”. From now onwards, that error will be named Missing field “name” (in “author”).

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Google Search Console rolls out new design

Google Search Console rolls out new design

To improve accessibility and user #experience in general, the new design is fresh & clean. Also over the next few months, small #changes in the product Via –

New Server-Side Tagging in Google Tag Manager

Helps to move measurement and advertising tags off your website and into a secure server container. Helps increase #conversion rates on your site by reducing page load times.

Server-Side Tagging now works with any cloud or server provider that supports Docker @

Google Search console Page Experience report

The page experience report in Search Console launched earlier this year to offer publishers and site owners a way to quickly understand how their sites fare against the page experience signals.

Updated graphic of the factors that make up page experience signal, namely Loading (LCP), Interactivity (FID), Visual Stability (CLS), Mobile Friendliness, HTTPS and No Intrusive Interstitials.

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Google Ads launches auto-applied recommendations

Google Ads launches auto-applied recommendations. This an opt-in feature, and you can choose from over 17 recommendations to apply automatically within the Google Ads setting. Auto-applying recommendations will not impact your budget.

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Zero-click Google searches increases to nearly 65% in 2020

Zero-click Google searches increases to nearly 65% in 2020

Between January and December 2020, nearly 65% of Google searches ended without a click to another web property — up from 50% in June 2019.

Zero-click searches may mean that users’ queries are resolved right on the results page. By displaying ads or its own products, Google can extract value from zero-click searches, while other sites might not.

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Google Search Console adds ‘associations’

Google Search Console adds ‘associations’

To link with other Google accounts, which can give a better and wider view of your data across your various Google services.

Associations lets you connect your Search Console account with other Google accounts.

Google Analytics
Google Ads
Play Console
Actions console & Chrome web store

Google launches new crawl stats report in Search Console

Google launches new crawl stats report in Search Console

It includes

Total no of requests grouped by response code, crawled file type, etc
Detailed information on host status
URL examples to show where in your site requests occurred
Summary for properties with multiple hosts and support for domain properties

crawl requests broken down by these groups:
(1) response, (2) file type of the fetched URL, (3) purpose of the crawl request, (4) and Googlebot agent.

Google Webmasters Central Rebrands As ‘Google Search Central’

Google Webmasters Central Rebrands As ‘Google Search Central’

“Google Webmasters Central” to “Google Search Central”, both on our websites and on social media.

“Webmasters Help Community” to become “Google Search Central Community”.

information related to how Google Search works, crawling and indexing, Search guidelines, and other Search-related topics are moving to –

Googlebot mascot will now appear with a web crawling sidekick

Trillions of Questions, No Easy Answers: A (home) movie about how Google Search works