Groupon India’s Onion Deal & how it helped Gain Visibility for the Brand?

Onion prices have been skyrocketing in the last few weeks & the deal on Groupon India has created a big brand visibility for the offers website. Groupon was selling onions at a price of 9 rupees per kilogram, which resulted in big traffic for the website & there by crashing the servers. Groupon sold more than 3000 kg in 44 mins. There was a restriction of 1 kg order. Onion are used in many meals in India. Onions’s have not been priced at 9 rs since the days of 1999.

Groupon India’s unique marketing initiative of 9 a kg to the first 3,000 bidders every day for seven days from Sep 5 has gone viral on SOcial Media & there was a 400% jump in Google searches for Groupon India. Delhi Wholesale Onion dealer was roped in by Groupon India to supply Onion & 9 courier companies were involved in the transport. More than 22 tons of Onion was sold in 7 days. Indian, International & TV coverage with Wide social media coverage.