Ten Big Social Media Challenges & How to Overcome them

With Social Media becoming a part of Brand’s Marketing activities, there are many challenges while executing the social media activities. Some of it are How to increase the shares of my posts, Time of posting, How to increase follower counts, Increase the amplification/reach/engagement & others. You can measure the social media effectivenesses of your campaigns using analytic tools. Google Analytics, Klout & others are some of the free tools available to measure the metrics. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest & others are some of the top social media networks to use in your marketing activities.

Comparing Facebook-WhatsApp Deal with Other High Profile Tech Deals

The chart below shows how facebook’s Whatsapp acquisition stands compared to other high profile tech acquisition. Facebook’s deal is the biggest one in the recent times followed by Google’s Motorola Deal. Social media space is seeing a lot of acquisitions. Facebook also bought Instagram for $1 Billion & is growing at a very good pace. Google has done many acquisitions recently in the Robotics, Internet of things & other areas.

Whatsapp handles more than 50 billion messages a day, 500 million images & has 450 million users. It has a very good market share of mobile messaging app in countries like India, Brazil & others.

Infographic: WhatsApp Deal Dwarfs Other High-Profile Tech Acquisitions | Statista
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#MyDubai – Autobiography of a City through Social Media

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, launched the #MyDubai initiative to create the Autobiography of Dubai city through Social Media. This is the world’s first Autobiography of a city. As a part of this initiative, residents are encouraged to capture the moments & experiences of Dubai & share it on #MyDubai Instagram, #MyDubai Twitter, #MyDubai Facebook & other socia media channels using #MyDubai. Photos, Video, Content & others will showcase the face of Dubai.

The initiate will explore the dynamics, culture, values of the City which has become a show-piece of modern technology. Photographs and video submitted on social media channels will document the city & this will be utilized for events, books, films & other activities. More than 75K images, videos have been shared on social media channels with #MyDubai hashtag. An”e-museum” will be created to store the best entries.



Major Social Media Events – 2013

Social Media played a crucial role in 2013 for brands, news, marketers & others. Social media established itself as a top priority area for brands to focus & connect with the customers. 2013 also saw the rise of Vine & Instagram videos. Pinterest, Facebook mobile, Twitter & youtube had a great year in 2013.

The State of Social Media 2013
The State of Social Media 2013 by Infographic Promotion

Fastest Growing Apps in the world – Vine, Flickr, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Youtube, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook Messenger & others

Twitter’s vine is the fastest growing app in the world. Its user base grew 403% between Q1’13 & Q3’13. With millions of users, vine has become a popular tool for marketers. Many marketers are using vine videos to connect with their customers & also for promotions. Flickr & Instagram are in the 2nd & 3rd positions with a growth of 146% & 130% respectively. Top 3 apps are related to Video/Pics Sharing. Whats app & Facebook Messenger are chat related apps with a growth of 123% & 107% respectively. Amongst the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube are in the list.

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2013 Stats on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram & Pinterest – An Infographic

2013 Stats on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram & Pinterest. 1.15 Billion total users on facebook with over 10 million facebook apps. 250 billion photos are uploaded daily. 500 million+ users on twitter with 288 million active monthly users. 60% of twitter users access it from mobile. over 343 million active users on Google+.

Social Media Facts 2013

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What are the top Differences Between Instagram & Vine Videos?

With the introduction of Instagram videos, the social media video war has begun between Instagram & Vine. Twitter first introduced Vine videos which became a big hit for Twitter. Vine received great reviews & its membership base kept growing. First with the iOS app & then app for andorid was introduced. Instagram, primarily a photo app, also came out with videos. The initial response to Instagram videos was great with millions of videos uploaded. Some of the important differences between the 2 are

1) Video Length : Instagram – 15 sec & Vine – 6 seconds
2) Filters : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
3) Image Stabilization : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
4) Cover Frame : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
5) Embeddable : Instagram – Yes & Vine – yes
6) Photo Map : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
7) Geotagging : Instagram – Yes & Vine – Yes
8) Looping : Instagram – No & Vine – yes

Brands have already started using both the instagram & vine videos for marketing activities. Several promotions have been done on Vine using crowdsourcing. Movies are releasing clips on Instagram & Vine. Recently Steve Jobs movie, Jobs, has been released on Instagram. Honda is using Vine to respond to specific customer tweets.

#VineonVine by #Nordstorm Social #Puma #Fashion

How Brands are using Instagram & Vine Videos as a Marketing tool? – #JobsInstagramTrailer & #wantnewcar

Instagram & Vine videos have become the new tool for marketers to use in advertising, promotion & makrketing activities. Many brands have already joined the short duration videos bandwagon to reach customers. Short videos of the yet to be released movies are being shown on Instagram & Vine. New Steve Jobs movie trailer is available on Instagram. Open Road Films created the Jobs trailer specifically for the platform.

Honda is planning to use Vine to respond to customer tweets. They would be using the hashtag #wantnewcar to respond to select tweets. This will encourage users to swap their old cars for new Hondas & this is done by Honda as part of their Summer clearance sale. The vine videos will be customized to each users feedback.