Apple unveils new iPad

Apple has unveiled a new iPad with sharper display & better features. This is the third version of the device & has the ability to connect with 4G Networks. The last version of iPad was called iPad 2 & the company has called the new version as the new iPad. The new iPad has four times as many pixels as the iPad 2 and more than some HD televisions. The new iPad has sharper display, higher processor speed & 4G network. With a slew of other tablets available in the market, Apple is leading the tablet market with improved versions released often. For the last few months, there was rumor of new iPad release & it has met the expectations of the market. The new iPad will be available from March 16 in the U.S.


Apple App Store hits 25 Billion Downloads

Apple’s app store has hit 25 billion downloads. A statement on the site reads A Billion thanks. 25 times Over. This is a great news for Apple as the App store has continued to remain the top apps destination despite the rise of Android store. Apple is expected to announce a new iPad in the coming days. Apple was also running a counter on the site showcasing the no. of downloads. Apple has not yet disclosed who is the winner & also the the app downloaded. Apple will give away $10,000 iTunes giftcard to the 25th billion app downloader. The App Store was launched in July 2008 & it reached 10 billion downloads in Jan 2011. Apple’s shares have hit a record high in the recent days making it the most valuable company.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple. Jobs has been credited with making Apple, the tech titan & also the leader in computer industry. Under him, Apple created ipod, ipad, iphone, macs & thus made the company darling of wall street. It recently eclipsed exxon in the stock exchange with highest market capital. Tim Cook will become the CEO of the company. His health has been a major factor in the resignation. Apple is expected to release iPhone 5 & this would further solidify the company’s position. Steve Jobs is a charismatic CEO under whom Apple grew by leaps & bounds.

Tracking Mobile Analytics

With the rise of mobile devices & tablets, more & more people are browsing the net on mobile. It becomes imperative to track the mobile analytics to better reach the customers. Now many analytic packages come with tracking mobile & tablet devices. Google analytics has also introduced tracking mobile devices. Some important data include type of mobile device, java script enableled, browser, traffic, how the web page renders on the screen & others. Some of the companies have developed a very well mobile site. ipad, iphone, android, blackberry, windows & others are some of the top mobile based devices.

Will it Blend ? – Apple iPad Viral Video

Apple iPad’s The Daily “Newspaper”

iPad only newspaper The Daily has been launched by Mudroch. This is the first newspaper on iPad & this will open up a host of new digital marketing activities. Already several companies have planned for their ads. This newspaper is a subscription based & is updated once a day. The first story was of Egypt’s problems which is currently going on. This is a bold move & provides easy access to target those who dont go for newspaper. goes from HTML 4.01 to HTML5 standards

Apple has moved its website from HTML 4.01 to HTML5. Apple has been a proponent of HTML5 standards & has already used it in mobileme, iad & other applications. This represents a huge support for HTML5. HTML5 standards provide an increased standard in web technologies. A new logo was also released by W3C for HTML5. Apple’s safari browser adheres to the HTML5 standards. Several new features like dynamically re sized search field have been added to the website.

Apple gets Adage’s Marketer of the Decade

Apple, the maker of iPhone, iPad & others, has won the marketer of the Decade from Adage. Apple has been very successful in creating new markets for iPod, iPhone, iPad & others. It has a cult following in the tech world. Apple has successfully overcome the dark clouds it faced in last decade to become a successful tech company. It has sold millions of devices & also the marketing principles it employs are very different from the other companies. Its PR machine surely knows how to create a marketing buzz. Till the day products are released it hardly gives any information & this helps it create a viral. Surely it does deserve to get a Marketer of the decade.

Apple’s Four Pillars – Mac, iPod, iPhone & iPad

Apple’s iPad & iPhone have given a new tool for marketers to reach a new segment of customers. Companies have released both free & paid apps for the se devices. Billions of downloads have taken place & the app store has become a new revenue source. Together iMac, iPod, iPhone & iPad form the four pillars of Apple. iPad has created a new market with many companies vying for a tablet spot. For the digital marketing, companies can create new apps tailor made for promotions, new product releases & others. Apple has been announcing many improvements in these products. It is very rare that a product by a company provides a new marketing opportunities for others. Mobile advertising targeted at iPhone users is also rising & iphone revolutionized the smart phone industry.

Will it Blend? – The top Viral video of all time

Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson surely knows how to create a top viral video even if it meant destroying an iphone or an iPad. The will it blend video created a history with more than 134.2 million views. All the ads have the same music, tagline & host. No body would have thought of grinding an iphone or an ipad. However, this brilliant idea helped the Blendtec company acheive a viral status. The next top viral video is Avian’s Live Young. There have been many viral videos.