Coca–Cola’s Open Happiness & Expedition 206 – A Unique Social Media Campaign

Coke’s Open Happiness Campaign has been airing for some time. Now for their Year 2020 strategy, Coke has embarked on a major Social media drive.Though Coca-Cola is the world’s most favorite brand, in the social media world Coca-Cola still has miles to go compared to other brands.  They will be using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & others for their social media campaign. They have selected 3 people who will tour all the 206 countries where Coke is sold & will document what makes People happy in accordance with the Open happiness Campaign on Twitter, facebook & others. Starting the journey on January 1, 2010 and attempt to travel more than 150,000 miles in 365 days, visiting each of the 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold. This will also bring Coke to the Mainstream of Social Media & their site where the details will be documented. This is also the major social media campaign taken by any Corporate.This is by for the biggest Social media campaign & experiment in the world. This is taking Web 2.0 to the masses.


Nokia’s Brand Identity Probelm

Nokia, once the dominant mobile maker, is quickly losing its market share to the smartphones & ereaders. Its CEO & head of smartphones division also left the company recently. Its erosion of market share shows Nokia doesnt have a proper strategy. It rose to a dominant position with simple phones & became a household name. But the cheap dual phones, China sets & Smart phones eroded its market share. It still doesnt have a proper phone to compete with iPhone. Its Ovi app store is recently showing signs of increasing popularity. On one hand cheap sets is attacking Nokia & on the other side by Smartphones. At this point users are not sure what Brand identity does Nokia refer to. Also the top executives keep giving contradicting signals as to Where Nokia is headed. Also on the social media space Nokia is not as popular as iphone.

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Staples: Wow! That’s a Low Price! – Absolute Worst Advt in America

Staples’ “Wow! That’s a Low Price!” has earned the dubious distinction of Absolute Worst Advt in America in a poll conducted by the Consumerist. This ad has garnered a high percentage of negative comments in most of the forums, blogs, discussion groups & others. The guy yelling makes one to mute the TV. Companies should do a user testing before launching the Ad. Even though the ad conveys the message of low prices, the way it is shown gives a bad impression for the consumers about the ad.