Browser Wars – Google Chrome Vs Mozilla Firefox Vs Microsoft IE Vs Apple Safari Vs Others

Browser wars refers to the user share of the browsers among IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera & others. First browser war was between Microsoft IE & netscape navigator. IE succesfully crushed the navigator in the first browser war & became the dominant browser. In the last few years the market share of IE has gone down drastically with the new browsers coming to the market like Firefox, Opera, Chrome & others. Apple devices have a strong share of Safari. Google’s chrome has become the dominant browser now. Chrome, which is celebrating 5th birthday, is now responsible for 43% of the world’s desktop traffic.

Mosaic was the first browser which combined both the words & image together. Now with the rise of mobile & tablet devices, browser war has taken on a new dimension. Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, Sony & others are some of the top mobile devices.

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