Make in India becomes Modi Govt’s biggest Digital Initiative

Modi’s Make in India has become the biggest & fastest growing Digital Initiative with more than 2.1 billion impressions on social media. This is initiated by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion initiative. It adds a new member every 3 seconds on facebook & has created a ripple effect across all the digital platforms. It has more than 3 million fans on facebook. Twitter has also lakhs of follwers with several lakh views on youtube. The official website has also received millions of page views.

make in india

make in india

BJP’s Election Manifesto 2014 Highlights

India 272+ Campaign by BJP – An Innovative Campaign to Achieve 272+ seats

India 272+ Campaign is an initiative to help BJP’s Mission towards gaining a majority in Lok Sabha elections. With Lok sabha elections nearing, all the political parties have logged onto digital marketing & social media activities to woo the voters. India 272+ is a unique campaign by BJP which represents the number of seats needed to gain majority & form govt. Facebook, twitter & Google+ profiles have been created to gain visibility in social media.

Facebook has got 267K likes & 22K followers on twitter. The website has been updated with latest news, trending in social media & live stream. Pictures play an important role in social media & having an official instagram, flickr, Tumblr & Youtube accounts would have increased visibility for the campaign.


india272 – Narendra Modi’s(#NaMo) Official Website’s Analysis

An analysis of Narendra Modi’s Official Website,, using Alexa’s free site analytics tool.

Global Rank – 19,081
India Rank – 1,387
Bounce rate – 43.8% (3 months)
Daily Time on Site – 4:56 (3 months)

Country with Top Visitors – India (91.3%), US(2.8%), Kuwait, UK & others
Top Sites linking – Pinterest,,
Total sites linking – 440

Sites people visit before visiting –,,
Estimated % of visits coming from a search engine – 5.6% in last 3 months

Top keywords – narendra modi, narendra, narendra modi website, narendra modi speech
Estimated % of global internet users who visit – 0.0074% in last 3 months


Narendra Modi (#NaMo) & Social Media – How Social Media is Shaping his PM Role?

Narendra Modi is the most mentioned Political Leader on Social Media in India. Modi is followed by other Indian Politicians like Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi & others. Narendra Modi’s Social Media networks are: Facebook, twitter, google+, flickr, pinterest, youtube & tumblr. The engagement level of the fan on every post is good for Narendra Modi. It was Barrack Obama, the US president, who first made use of Social media on a massive scale, in the US presidential elections. Gujarat Chief minister has really made himself a brand and highly accepted as a leader on social media platforms. The reach, engagement & amplification has provided him with a great visibility.

His recent visit to Uttarakhand during the massive floods got a high visibility on social media. Caste, religion, attack on the govt over corruption, education & others are some of the topics garnering him the conversation in social media circles. He has also a great team techies who are advising him on the social media activities. Social Media will play a key role in the 2014 elections. With high internet penetration & increasing social media, tech savvy population will have a decisive role in the elections. There are also mobile apps which help connect with the mobile users.