Largest U.S. Online Retailers – Amazon, Apple, Staples, Walmart, Sears, Liberty Interactive, Netflix & others in the list

Largest U.S. online retailers – Amazon, Apple, Staples, Walmart, Sears, Liberty Interactive, Netflix, Macys, Office Depot, Dell & others in the list.

Infographic: Amazon's Online Sales Dwarf the Competition | Statista
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Netflix price increase & the role of social media

Netflix price increase has had the social media, blogosphere up in arms against it. Dear netflix had become a trnding topic in twitter & the netflix blog on which it was announced has 5000 comments. Netflix Facebook page has more than 50000 comments about the increase. Such is the power of facebook & social media. Consumers are ranting angry comments about the hike. Netflix which has a great following has made a negetive move with the price hike & the angry comments of the users.

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