Twitter as a Branding Medium

Twitter has become a new branding medium for products & services. Brands can top the list either on the number of followers, amount of time brands spent in top trending list & others. Most of the tweets carry a brand name. With millions of tweets every month, a brand can have huge exposure helping it increse the brand visibility. Brands from industries like Electronics, FMCG, Computer, Automobile, Retail & others top the list. This can help in spreading the Brand awarness & increase brand visibility also.

Analytics service providers are also giving metrics of the brands in twitter in terms of engagement, followers & others. With Mobile internet exploding in recent years, it has become easier for the consumers to tweet about their experience with the product/service right from their point of purchase influencing the buyers. Some of the top brands on twitter are foxnews, bbcworld, nytimes, nprnews, mashable, engadget, techcrunch, time, Facebook, Nike, Apple, Wal-Mart, youtube & others.


New York Times Introduces beta620

New York Times has introduced beta620, an experimental project site, where brigns together developers, journalists, product managers & users to collaborate. Here users can suggest new ideas, new products & also share their views. As the collaboration is the buzzword, this helps the newspaper to include the taste of the readers as well. The site includes timesinstant, nytimes crossword app & other projects. With web 2.0, many companies are going for such sites to connect with the users. 620 refers to the address of the newspaper in NY at 620 8th avenue. The Buzz, times companion & Longitude are some of the other projects. New York Times also opened up its API & thus heralding a new avenue in the newspaper industry. Twitter & Facebook links are also provided in the site to connect with the users.