Google India’s “Google Search: Reunion” – Great Advt by Google

Google India’s latest ad titled “Google Search: Reunion” has sparked a great deal of conversation on social media & other media outlets. This is based on the partition of India & Pakistan where 2 friends meet after a long time thanks to Google search. Advertisements based on India/Pakistan partition evokes emotional response & many brands are using this theme for their ads. Coco-Cola had an advt featuring vending machines where people from 2 countries can meet online.

Google has a high search market share in India & still has gone created this lengthy advt. With users shifting towards mobile search & apps, Google wants to capture this shift towards search. In the advt, search starts from Desktop search & moves on to mobile search.


Indian Ranks at 56 ahead of China & Pakistan in Global Web Index

The Web Index is a measure of the world wide web’s contribution to development and human rights globally. It is designed & produced by the World Wide Web Foundation. The index measures & ranks Universal Access, Freedom and Openness, Relevant Content & Empowerment. The index was released in 2012 & in 2013 has been expanded to include 20 new countries. Both secondary data a& new primary data has been used to build the index.

It is not just how many internet users a country has, the penetration index, broadband speed & others which are important but also how the web impacts social, developmental, economic and political dimensions as well. This can be utilized by the NGO’s, Govt, think tanks & others to how to better use the web for overall development.

India has been ranked 56 out of 81 countries in the annual Web Index. Sweden, Norway, UK & USA are in the top 4 positions.

web index

web index

India & Pakistan Connect Together Through Coco-Cola Interactive Soda Machine

Coco-Cola‘s Open Happiness campaign has created a lot of brand visibility for Coke. India & Pakistan, 2 neighboring countries have been at loggerheads for decades over the border issue. Coke is is trying to change all of that through a new advertising film. Small World Machines from Coca-Cola allows people to connect in real time, touching each other over the interactive machine & drawing peace, love, and happiness symbols together.Coca-Cola installed Smart vending machines in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India. This would promote happiness and cultural understanding between the 2 nations.