Pfizer to sell Viagra Online – Will it a establish a new business model for Pharma?

Pfizer‘s blockbuster drug Viagra is now available online on its website through the catchy phrase “Buy real Viagra“. Ever since the introduction of this drug, counterfeit Viagra drugs sold online has become a big business. Millions of results appear in Google for keywords like “buy Viagra, online Viagra & others” This drug has brought more than $2 Billion in sales for the company in 2012. With CVS/pharmacy, patients in the US with a prescription for Viagra would be able to fill their order through the new Web site & buy it. There is fierce competition in Google search engine for the keywords related to Viagra & millions of queries are done yearly.

If this move by Pfizer is successful, this would establish a new business model for pharma companies to drive revenue. There is a thriving illegal online counterfeit market for this drug which has a huge brand recognition. Viagra was first introduced in 1998 & since then many of the drugs sold counterfeit doesn’t contain the active ingredient completely & this has made Pfizer to go for catchy phrase Buy real Viagra. The online sales provides a great avenue for people who are hesitant to purchase directly from the pharma & also can be purchased easily. The online purchase from pfizer also provides the product which is genuine & can be trusted.