Reddit – Superbowl Advt & r/wallstreetbets

Reddit, which has been in the news recently, for its r/wallstreetbets subreddit community, ran a simple super bowl 5 second ad last week which has garnered lot of attention.

The spot comes after a Reddit army — from the WallStreetBets page — took on Wall Street pros by inflating the share price of GameStop in which several made lot of money & hedge funds lost a lot of money.

Reddit has spent thier entire marketing budget on this 5 second ad.

Amy’s Baking Company – Facebook Meltdown & Handling Social Media

Arizona bakery Amy’s Baking Company(owners Samy and Amy Bouzagl), made an appearance on Gordon Ramsay’sKitchen Nightmares,” The Chef walked out of the program claiming it is difficult to work with them. The restaurant is in Scottsdale, Arizona. The owners finally revealed that they were reselling cakes made by other bakeries & also were criticized for the way they handled customers. Finally , they took to brand’s Facebook page to defended themselves about their actions.

This later on snowballed into a major Facebook meltdown with nasty comments. Also a social media shaming campaign began on Reddit & yelp resulting in one star reviews for the company. Here is the Reddit link to epic meltdown. This clearly shows how social media is shaping the real-time conversation about brands. Also companies should have strategies in place to deal with the negative publicity. They finally declared that their fb, twitter & website accounts have been hacked.