“All eyes on the S4” Contest – Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye Tracking Technology

Samsung has been creating different marketing strategies to promote its new Galaxy S4. Samsung and telecom provider Swisscom recently hosted an “All eyes on the S4” contest. S4 comes with a cool new “Smart pause” technology. The technology uses eye-tracking tech to detect when someone looks at the screen & when they turn away.

As part of the challenge, the participants have to stare at the phone as long as they could. If they look away within 60 mins, they are out of the game. Those who maintain 60 mins, would walk away with a new galaxy S4. The first such campaign was at Zurich Main Station. Samsung made sure there were enough disturbances for the participants staring at the phone with music playing around, bike crashes, crowd gathered & others. An S4 was handed out for free after 60 minutes.

Marketers are using creative ways to reach the customers & combined with social media provide new ways to showcause the innovative features of the phone.